ClubRare is hiring for the following open positions

Web3/Crypto Business Development Manager at ClubRare
Senior Backend Developer, Node.js - Express at ClubRare
Head of Marketing at ClubRare
Head of Engineering at ClubRare
Head of Product at ClubRare

About ClubRare

ClubRare is developing the future of commerce and physical distribution, centered on the collectors. Native to web3, ClubRare is empowering the individual by connecting them directly to creators, connecting creators directly to the metaverse, and connecting the metaverse to the physical world.

At ClubRare, collectors can communicate directly with each other and the creators they support. With innovative governance protocols, community members shape the evolution of the ecosystem, earn unique physical and digital rewards, and build their presence in the metaverse.

Working at ClubRare

We are a fully remote company with no fixed headquarters. The team is distributed throughout the world - we form an inclusive network across a variety of locations, lifestyles, and backgrounds.

Our culture is driven by empathy, integrity, strategic thinking, innovation, leadership, and the shared desire to perform at our peak. While our differences make us adaptable and versatile, it's our shared values that give us the strength and drive to become The Open Metaverse for Collectors.

Benefits & Perks

  • Be part of building a great project and make a real impact in your career.
  • Work flexible hours from anywhere and be part of a team that is driven by strong values and a clear shared vision.
  • Directly shape the future of a completely new model for cryptocurrency and blockchain applications.
  • Challenge your skills and push your creative limits working with the latest technologies & systems.
  • Play an active role in one of the most significant technological innovations in human history.
  • Receive a competitive salary paid in crypto.

Closed Positions

Sr. Community Manager at ClubRare
Marketing Manager & Brand Writer at ClubRare
Metaverse Product Manager
DeFi Product Manager
NFT Smart Contract Developer
Backend Developer

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