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Index Coop

About Index Coop

Decentralized finance is the greatest technological innovation of our age, set to change the way all industries work for the better - democratizing access, increasing transparency, and, most importantly, raising the position of the individual versus the legacy system and its unaccountable institutions.

And Index Coop is at the forefront of innovation in the space.

Working at Index Coop

Contributors at Index Coop form working groups, where each member is empowered to contribute in high leverage ways. You can pick a field where you already excel, or challenge yourself by joining an area you’re less familiar with. No matter if you are a marketer, engineer, sales expert, strategic thinker, social media expert or simply someone who likes to challenge systems and concepts: There is a place for you at Index Coop.

Benefits & Perks

  • Be on the forefront of the financial revolution with usHelp us build the products that make access to the crypto space simple and accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world. With your help, we are breaking down the barriers and flaws of the existing financial system.
  • Earn rewardsGet compensated for impactful work you do. Compensations are decided on by working group leaders in a fair and transparent manner.
  • Build your networkConnect and collaborate with other builders and users of the crypto space. Work closely with market leaders, innovators and long-time investors, both internally in Index Coop and externally.
  • Set your own scheduleWork as much as you want, from anywhere in the world. Amplify your impact by only picking up projects you are passionate about.