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Krause House


The Krause House is a community of hoop fanatics that are just crazy enough to buy an NBA team. To our members, being a fan isn’t enough. This is a squad made of wet jumpers and saucy crossovers that refuse to sit on the sidelines.

Team ownership shouldn’t be limited to a handful of billionaires, but rather a movement of individuals that want to be a part of the greatest professional league in the world. Fans breed life to the organizations in which they attach, so isn't it reasonable to accept a shared portion of the ownership and upside? We don't think it's merely acceptable, but mandatory.

The Krause House is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) governed by the community, the fans, the basketball lovers and purists. Together we will write the consensus rules that will bring the first fan-governed team to the game as first participants, then fans, and now owners. The collective of ambitious contributors whose goal is to own an NBA team describes the underlying mission of DAOs in its purest form: Difficult by one, achievable by many.

We will allow our members to participate in decisions affecting the operating procedures of a National Basketball Association (NBA) team including but not limited to ticketing, merchandising, partnerships, and general management of players and coaches.

As a DAO, we embrace the label of an online cooperative with open arms. We champion evolving organizational mechanics and practices from that of traditional hierarchies.  We prioritize ownership and autonomy. We value culture over structure. As the membership grows, so does the interdependence. Building confidence brought forth by the consistency of socialization and self-actualization. Put simply, we’re a tribe with a vibe. (source)

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