OlympusDAO is building a global, community-owned and decentralized economy so we can introduce stability and transparency back into financial markets and create financial inclusion for all.



Fundamentally, OlympusDAO is creating a global and community-governed economy. It can't be a centrally planned economy and it can't be an oligopoly that favors the few. The Greeks created democracy and we want to continue this venerable tradition.

We want to lean into decentralized structures because we believe DAOs have unique properties that make them better over centralized organizations, in the long term. In this context, we want to create a safe and inclusive space that unlocks the maximum potential of ALL humans.


OlympusDAO exists to support projects that bring value to OHM economy. This means we're intentional and can clearly articulate our vision, goals and roadmap.

We're decentralized but organized. In practice, this means we have just enough structure to align contributors, create accountability and ensure successful execution. We do so by defining the vision, setting clear goals and communicating roadmap.

Our vision paints a picture of the future of Greece. Goals and OKRs define calculated steps to reach that vision. High-level goals should be defined by individual teams (marketing, engineering, product, community, policy, etc.) and debated with other teams. Alignment on quarterly goals sets a north compass that everyone can execute toward. Roadmap defines how the DAO will reach the goals. The roadmap does not serve to be prescriptive. Instead, it aims to drive accountability to projects and teams, add visibility to broader community and outsiders, and ensure alignment between various teams. The roadmap is meant to be grassroots, in that each project is championed by community members.


OlympusDAO is in it for the long-term. We believe that we can outlast today's economic structures and be a model for how economies should be run in the future.

As such, we consider the long-term implications of our decisions. We're deliberate in our decisions but we are not rushed. When faced with tough tradeoffs, we consider the long-term impact.

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