PartyDAO is hiring for the following open positions:

About PartyDAO

PartyDAO exists to make crypto multiplayer. We believe this technology is inherently social, with the potential to unlock new kinds of coordination that have never been possible before. To this end, PartyDAO builds software that helps groups of people coordinate together around shared goals.

As an organization, we deliberately pursue protocol work and product work side-by-side. We believe that powerful new products are created when protocol design influences product experience, and vice versa.

As we pursue this work, we prioritize building something powerful, flexible, and fun; we want our work to have an impact. To us, that also means a focus on originality - we’re not here to chase the inevitable. Instead, we aim to bring products to market that give people entirely new capabilities.

Working at PartyDAO

We’re building a lean and versatile team where each person brings a lot to the table. We prioritize hiring people with wide-ranging skills and an ownership mindset, and grant them high autonomy to work as they see fit.

We avoid a culture of unnecessary hustle, but we care deeply about what we’re building, and we’re realistic about what it takes to make our vision a reality. When we need to work hard, we do it together and make it fun.

Even though we’re remote, we enjoy working together and building relationships. As we grow, we prioritize being intentional about company culture and creating a team that's meaningful and fun to be a part of.

Benefits & Perks

  • Competitive compensation in both USDC and tokens
  • Full medical insurance coverage
  • Unlimited vacation, with a team that encourages using it
  • 12 week parental leave
  • Home office stipend (computer, monitor, desk chair, headphones, etc.)
  • A remote-first working environment - overlap with North American time zone
  • A team that values companionship and adventure

Closed positions