PartyDAO is the DAO building PartyBid. Inspired by

, the PartyDAO experiment starts now with the $PARTY crowdfund. Here’s how I see it playing out:

  • Backers can support the crowdfund with ETH in return for $PARTY tokens
  • $PARTY tokens represent membership in PartyDAO
  • The first feature of PartyDAO will be a tokenized Discord, gated by $PARTY. Backers will immediately be able to join the PartyDAO Discord.
  • $PARTY holders will coordinate in the Discord to decide on a plan for governance, development roadmap, and how to allocate the raised funds
  • 50% of $PARTY supply will be held back to airdrop on quality community members who'd like to participate but may not be able to back the project with ETH

The crowdfund will target a fundraise of 25 ETH, which will be deposited into a multisig governed by the backers. With PartyDAO, I imagine we could hire solidity developers to ensure PartyBid contracts are production-ready, hire designers and product engineers to build a web app and hire artists to create marketing materials, memes, and NFTs. (source)

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