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Pool Together

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About PoolTogether

PoolTogether Inc. is a team of builders committed to making fun and healthy financial products that are accessible to everyone around the world. We’re working at the forefront of blockchain technology to create an experience that is maximally secure, verifiably fair, and has limitless potential.

In 2019 we created the PoolTogether Protocol; a prize savings product that makes saving money fun by awarding yield as prizes. PoolTogether has been widely acclaimed as one of the best ways to introduce people to crypto and decentralized finance, and we’re now seeing broader adoption. It’s time to grow the team.

Working at PoolTogether

Our team’s origins as a web3 product company have greatly informed our values.

Remote primary: everyone at our company works remotely. We are spread across Canada and the United States, but meet in-person quarterly for off-sites.

Transparent: we publish strategic decisions within the PoolTogether community in order to gather feedback and ideas.

Open Source: all of the tech we produce is eventually open source. We believe the technology we are building should spread as far and wide as possible.

Iterative: while we strive to deliver the highest quality products possible, we also know that so much learning happens after the product is delivered. We work iteratively to maximize our product / market fit.

Secure: security is paramount. We spend considerable resources to make sure our users are protected by secure code.

Simple: we strive for simplicity, both in customer experience and in our technology. Less is more.

Ownership: when we work we act on behalf of the entire company. We are selfless and take responsibility; everyone owns the product and shares in that effort. There is no “not invented here”.