Community Lead at Decent DAO
Community Lead at Decent DAO

Community Lead at Decent DAO

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Community Marketing Operations

Decent DAO is looking to hire a Community Lead to join the team.

This position has been closed

Who are you?

The Community Lead will manage and grow Decent’s community of builders by fostering relationships with and supporting existing members, engaging and onboarding new members, and connecting the dots across our organization. We are looking for someone with proven communications skills, high emotional intelligence, a proactive work ethic, and a strong grasp of the Web3 industry. The ideal candidate has experience launching community initiatives (e.g., managing a Discord community, building an online forum, leading an ambassador program, creating an event series, writing an email newsletter, etc.) and familiarity with online communications platforms, such as Discord, Twitter, and Telegram. We value natural communicators who are independently responsible, seek opportunities for growth, have endless curiosity, and possess the unique ability to combine strategy with execution.


  • Brand Stewardship
    • The Community Manager is the primary point of contact for the community; as such, this person should naturally embody our brand values and voice
  • Thought Leadership
    • Lead conversations within our community and subcommunities
    • Educate the community and provide perspective on key crypto topics
    • Facilitate the transfer of knowledge across our network
    • Tap into the pulse of the Web3 space at all times
  • Administration (Discord; Telegram TBD)
    • Monitor user journeys for onboarding, contribution, communication, updates, etc., and upgrade as necessary
    • Manage DAO Academy to support technical tasks within Discord
  • Moderation (Discord; Telegram TBD)
    • Set the standard for acceptable behavior, keep the temperature cool, and facilitate issue resolution
    • Manage mod team
      • Set clear hierarchies and processes
      • Train current and future mods
  • White Glove Concierge
    • Member onboarding
    • Member support
  • Member Activation
    • Connect the dots between community members with shared goals, interests, and projects to generate value
    • Know who is in the community, what they do, and where their interests lie
    • Know what contributors are working on and identify opportunities for potential contributors
    • Fill the pipeline with potential contributors
  • Member Engagement
    • Entertain and educate across platforms; facilitate idea sharing
  • Feedback Collection & Communication
    • Active listening: understand the live brand narrative from the perspective of the community
    • Use surveys, polls, and direct requests to draw specific information
    • Work with the core team to identify specific feedback requests
  • Update Communication
    • Work closely with the core team to capture information relevant to individual workstreams, protocol teams, and Decent at large
    • Write and post announcements on all relevant platforms
  • Community Analytics
    • Define, track, and act on membership, engagement, and contribution metrics
  • Events
    • Online
      • Host bi-weekly updates via Discord stage w/ written synopsis
      • Host protocol updates
      • Host weekly coffee chat
      • Identify opportunities to develop, plan, and coordinate additional online events
    • IRL
      • Assist with the planning and coordination of hacker houses
      • Attend and host hacker houses
      • Communicate schedules, locations, and updates to the community


  • Deep knowledge of the Web3 ecosystem, including cryptocurrency, DeFi, DAOs, and NFTs, with a strong emphasis on the Ethereum network
    • An engineering background is a bonus but not required
  • Possess an active interest in following trends and hot-button issues in the crypto space
  • Experience in community leadership
    • E.g., managing a crypto community, building an online forum, leading an ambassador program, creating an event series, writing an email newsletter, etc.
  • Strong existing network in Web3
  • Active social media following
  • Experience setting up, maintaining, and communicating in Discord servers
  • Experience with social media platforms, including Twitter, Telegram, and LinkedIn
  • Experience working in a startup environment
  • High emotional intelligence
  • Excellent communication skills (written, verbal, and listening)
  • Creative
    • Able to absorb the brand and run with it
  • A commitment to being detail-oriented and self-organized
  • Self-directed, proactive work ethic
  • Be a decent human

Application Requirements

Please include as many of the following as possible:

  • Thought leadership pieces (crypto industry topics preferred)
    • Social media posts/threads, blog posts, essays, interviews, podcasts, etc.
  • Social media links
  • Managed community links
    • Discord, forum, Facebook group, etc.
      • Note: If current/previously managed communities are not public, please share any screenshots or posts that will be helpful to show your work
  • Metrics from previous community leader experiences
    • Growth, engagement, retention, etc.

About Decent DAO

Since 2017, our efforts to dismantle centralized power structures in finance have helped launch over 30 groundbreaking cryptocurrency products. Decent Labs’ agency-meets-accelerator model has enabled entrepreneurs to develop innovative solutions and take part in a radical industry transformation. Our passionate, highly skilled team has fine-tuned the art of building and scaling successful products at the crossroads of financial technology and digital rights.

Today, we pursue our mission on a grander scale, shifting our focus from client work to community empowerment. 2022 marks the genesis of Decent DAO, an open-source collective dedicated to connecting contributors across the crypto ecosystem with the cutting-edge tools and technologies they need to build thriving, self-sufficient communities.

Benefits & Perks

💰  Competitive compensation - We believe people should be compensated well for their contributions and are proud to support thriving careers in crypto.

🌍. Work virtually anywhere - The internet has been our home since day 1. No matter where you are, WiFi is all you need to stay connected to the mission.

🌱  Grow as you go - When you’re surrounded by industry thought leaders and collaborative visionaries, leveling up is inevitable. And if there’s a conference or course that interests you, we’ve got you covered.

✈️  Team retreats - Despite our distance, we routinely take time to come together in person, nurture relationships, and make incredible memories in beautiful places.

🏖  Generous paid time off - Supporting the health and wellness of each team member is a top priority. A happy team does exceptional work. But more importantly, we care because you matter.

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