Community Lead at Mean DAO
Community Lead at Mean DAO

Community Lead at Mean DAO

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Mean DAO is looking to hire a Community Lead to join the team.

This position has been closed

We are looking for a Community Lead to own and direct all of our community-related efforts at Mean DAO.

The Community Lead will own the conceptualization and design of our community initiatives, ranging from content to education programs to events. You will manage and engage our digital community efforts across several channels like Discord and Twitter. Most importantly, you will be responsible for keeping up the good vibes and sharing the ethos of Mean DAO.

You will have the chance to wear many hats and drive forward one of the most important pillars of Mean DAO, our community. As the company grows, you will have the opportunity to shape and grow the community team.

What we expect from you

You have a Native / Bilingual proficiency in speaking English. We expect you to have good diction, grammar, and creative writing skills native to the English language.

You’ve done this before. We expect you to have experience in building, growing, and engaging a community, launching community-driven initiatives (e.g. building an online forum, launching an ambassador program, creating an event series on Twitter Spaces, etc.), and monitoring overall community sentiment. You also have the ability to notice related trends and issues in the community, report and act on them and extract relevant feedback for our product.

You are passionate about Web3/crypto. You are a Web3 native with a deep understanding and interest in DAOs or tokenized communities.

You have outstanding interpersonal and communication skills. You have an affinity for social digital environments, especially Discord and Twitter, and you can leverage strong interpersonal and communication skills within those channels.

You’re a self-starter. We’re a small team and we expect you to lead your function and do what needs to be done without waiting for instructions. Be a coordinator and catalyst at heart. Move fast and connect things.

You have leadership potential and drive. We hope to find someone who has the potential to lead all the community efforts at the company long-term and grow into a leadership role.

You are motivated by mission over personal gain. We are a mission-driven company. We believe that DAOs have the potential to bring about a fairer version of the Internet, and we expect our early employees to be excited to join us on this mission.

You are resourceful, entrepreneurial and startup environment excites you. As a startup, we are dynamic and constantly changing and evolving – if you are excited by the possibility to build something from the ground up, adapt to changing user needs, and problem-solve, you will thrive. If you prefer the steady comfort of a big company, you probably won’t be happy in the early stages with us.

We expect you to hold our mission and core values close to your chest everyday. You have to agree with them deeply and feel comfortable defending them and being an evangelist of Mean DAO across the world.

✨What do we offer

An open, inclusive, and mission-oriented company culture. We believe in diverse teams, transparent communication, and working on things that matter to us. We hate office politics, micromanagement, bro-culture and ego.

Working on an exciting mission. We’re working on Mean DAO because we believe we can make a difference in unlocking the potential of DAOs and making them accessible to the next generation of contributors. You will be able to make a significant impact on moving this mission forward.

Growth opportunities. We believe in empowering the people we work with and leading from behind to help you grow and reach your potential. You will have the chance to grow with the company and lead a team of community managers in the long term.

Competitive salary and benefits package. You can expect a salary + equity package that are will be highly competitive in your country of residence.Remote friendly environment. We are remote and distributed team, where everyone has a possibility to work from any location and flexible hours.Good work-life balance.  We believe that achieving a healthy work-life balance will create a happier more productive, and more focused team, therefore we offer unlimited vacation and family leave: take as much time off as you need when you need it.

Company Description:

Individuals who thrive at Mean DAO have a relentless passion for building great products. They join the ranks of detail-oriented, multi-functional, and open-minded individuals. A highly collaborative bunch that believe in prototyping early and often, and never losing sight of the end-user and the end-product.At Mean DAO everyone is part of a larger team where people work freely with our partners, product managers, and developers to create the absolute best digital products possible. Egos are replaced by simply the desire to find success together as a team.

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