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Community Manager

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Mirror is looking to hire Community Managers

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Mirror is a suite of web3-native publishing and economic tools powering the next generation of creators, communities, and DAOs.

Mirror users can publish posts, launch tokens and crowdfunds, create and sell NFTs, and use governance and community tools, within a tightly integrated web3 product.

Mirror is evolving to support creators, communities, and DAOs throughout their whole lifecycle. We're expanding the toolkit to support community management, robust governance tools, dynamic token and NFT marketplaces, and into new high-impact areas.

We are a small, passionate team that has been building in crypto for years. We aspire to build products that are beautiful and intuitive, without compromising on user sovereignty or decentralization.

Our mission is to bring crypto mainstream by onboarding the next million creators to launch DAOs, start communities, and mint tokens + NFTs.

The Role

Join the meta-guild on creating a rewarding space, governance process, and engagement roadmap.

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