DAO Community Manager at FTW.DAO
DAO Community Manager at FTW.DAO

DAO Community Manager at FTW.DAO

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FTW is looking to hire a remote DAO Community Manager to join the team.

This position has been closed

FTW is a revolutionary approach to find, fund and foster diverse founding teams with world-changing ideas at an early-stage.

The FTW.DAO is a decentralised community committed to promoting and advancing diversity and mental health among startups and venture capital. We think global and aim to make venture capital accessible to diverse talent wherever they are based, funding bold teams that are building the 2030 we want to work and live in.

Having raised first funds from global angels and family offices, we are now gathering and growing a swarm of investors, operators and thinkers who reflect the diversity of the society we live in to collectively work on new ways of making investment decisions together in an efficient, transparent and founder-friendly way. Please refer to our Genesis article for more details on our vision and how we want to achieve this vision.

DAOs are a new form of online organisation, similar to cooperatives. They are set to shape the future of work, uniting people, capital and culture towards important missions. Leveraging the latest developments in Web3 our venture community will be organized as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) led by its members.

About your team:

We are currently hiring for 2-3 roles that together with the founders will form the core ‘professional’ team within the DAO. We currently have around 15 part-time contributors all over the globe and this group will grow significantly over the coming months. The role of the core team will be to take ownership for outcomes and enable people so that everyone in the DAO can contribute to our success.


We are looking for a super talented community manager and DAO ops person to help us scale our community from 50 members to 5,000 in the coming 3 months (with the option to extend).

This person will take ownership of key community workstreams and work as a key touchpoint and enabler for people contributing to the DAO. They will ensure the onboarding of new members is super streamlined, working with others to design and execute a great experience for our Discord and online community members, and ensuring our Notion / other channels are up to date and easy-to-use. Alongside the community, they will design DAO operations and governance processes that help us work together and scale our execution capabilities.

Your skills and background:

  • Genuine interest in our mission and values
  • Demonstrable experience managing communities and optimizing operations
  • Experience managing and growing social channels (especially Twitter / Discord)
  • Confident jumping on a Twitter space / hosting online discussions
  • Energetic and independently driven to make things happen
  • Some hands-on experience with Web3, NFTs and DAOs (ideally contributed in other DAOs)
  • Experience / confidence to work with Discord bots and automation tools to continuously improve our community

What success looks like:

  • Upholding our values so everyone feels welcome and motivated in the DAO
  • Gathering contributors around our go-to-market initiatives to sustain consistent fast growth across channels in the coming months
  • Defining optimal processes to enable community growth (security, channels, moderation, etc.) as we grow from 50 members to 5,000+
  • Ensuring that hundreds of new Discord members can join our community and contribute to our initiatives without overwhelming existing contributors
  • Enabling the community to create and actively engage on DAO governance, and empowering them to start their own initiatives
  • Working alongside the contributors and enabling them to make things happen
  • Setting up Twitter spaces, giveaways and other marketing initiatives that grow our exposure to the right audiences and get new people interested in our community
  • Seeking out and partnering with other mission aligned NFT projects

Your work location:

Our team is global and remote, with most of us currently based in Europe and Canada at this stage. We are open to hiring anywhere in the world via Deel / working with you as an independent contractor.

What you will receive:

This role is a critical function in our early team and will be compensated in fiat or stablecoin. Salary range is USD 2,000 - 3,000 per month (depending on the expertise and qualifications).

Additional perks:

  • Remote and global team
  • Governance tokens in the DAO so you can be part of governing our future
  • Access to FTW.DAO member benefits, i.e. NFT sale reserve lists, airdrops, etc.

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