Community Manager + Governance Steward

Community Manager + Governance Steward

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Regan Network is looking to hire a Product Manager to join the team. This is a full-time position that is 100% remote.

This position has been closed

Are you a community advocate and innovator in web3 who loves building collaborative culture? Are you inspired to show that governance matters by being an informed voice for protocol evolution? Do you have the knowledge and capacity to inspire change in the Regen Network ecosystem? Do you want to play a key role in advocacy for composability and cross-collaborations between DAOs and other web3 stakeholders? We are looking for talented humans to instigate positive change at Regen Network by crafting well-thought, well-communicated new governance proposals for the protocol. You will participate in public discourse within Regen Network and the greater Regen Network orbit (e.g. partner protocols like Cosmos Hub, Osmosis, etc). You should be able to engage by researching and writing long form discursive content analyzing viewpoints and ideas, compile regular digests and roundups of activities of the protocol, campaign for integrations and upgrades to the existing ecosystem infrastructure, and publicly vote with rational arguments. You will connect with new protocols, DAOs, and communities to expand the reach of the Regen Network ecosystem and spur future developments in regenerative finance (ReFi). You should be adept at developing strong partnership relationships with influencers and decision makers at protocols in the Cosmos and ReFi ecosystems. You will support validators and community members in creating governance proposals across the Regen Network ecosystem. You will onboard and ensure the continued success of community members, grow our discord, twitter, and telegram communities, answer technical and nontechnical questions and troubleshoot. You will work with cross-functional internal engineering and product marketing teams to write and disseminate critical information about feature updates to help reach and capture our audience. You will organize and host events in discord to maintain and promote a vibrant ecosystem and culture. You will contribute to our brand, content, and community strategies. Responsibilities Reporting to the Director of Ecosystem you will work to co-create culture, activate community engagement, and develop protocol to protocol relationships. In this role, you will: • Engage in discussions around and create specs for governance proposals • Determine needs of the ecosystem • Collaborate and coordinate across the regenerative finance crypto ecosystem • Moderate discord, telegram, twitter and commonwealth platforms • Coordinate the bi-monthly community calls • Administer forums • Oversee the Regenerati community collective applications process • Support the validator community • Support governance proposal submissions • Implement delegation strategies • Advise and cooperate with the marketing team • Support and manage protocol partnerships Requirements • You are web3-native and actively involved in the space, contributing to DAOs and protocol projects • You are active in the ReFi movement and familiar with the Cosmos ecosystem • You are crypto-native and governance-focused with a strong network and context of the pulse of a rapidly-moving space • You are a highly collaborative advocate who makes connections easily • You are highly organized, detail and process oriented, and work in an agile manner • Culture and impact are important to you • You have a deep relationship with the natural world • Good written communication in English is essential • Previous experience working remotely and/or leading teams is a plus • Seeking applicants in US time zones to allow for good communication, and minimal scheduling issues • Applicants may apply for some or all of this position, with flexible hours. Please be prescriptive of your interests in your cover letter. Benefits Regen Network is a rapidly growing team of experienced individuals, iterating and scaling fast, where you’ll be hands-on, collaborating, and learning right away.

The opportunity to work with a diverse, global, and passionate team that celebrates personal agency.

  • Collaboration with leading projects and thought leaders in the blockchain, cosmos, and refi space. We are a fully-remote team working across 4 continents.
  • Competitive salary with token/equity compensation plan.
  • Benefits for US-residents include full health insurance, including medical, dental, and vision.
  • Time off: unlimited. Work week: Monday to Thursday (4 day work week).

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