Community Manager at Union
Community Manager at Union

Community Manager at Union

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Union is looking to hire a remote Community Manager to join the team. This is a full-time position that is 100% remote.

This position has been closed

Who we are

Union Finance is building the Credit Primitive for DeFi.

We believe that open, permission-less community-owned financial applications are the future and that these new decentralized applications will gain global adoption because the user experience is worlds better.

  • Market opportunity: There are $2B in loans outstanding on Ethereum. All of which is collateralized. In traditional finance un-collateralized lending is 100x that of the collateralized lending market.
  • Product opportunity: we are building the protocol to enable credit on Ethereum. We believe this is one of the missing primitives to allow DeFi to become more Positive Sum.
  • Company opportunity: we are a team of designers, system engineers, entrepreneurs and crypto veterans looking to build a dream team.
  • We're backed by brilliant investors with a long term view (like Placeholder, 1kx, Coinfund, KR1, Scalar, and some of the top DeFi Angels).

Union is looking for a growth focused community manager who is well integrated into the NFT side of Web3 and knows their way around the various metaverses.


  • A good understanding of blockchain fundamentals, smart contracts, other defi protocols, etc.
  • Demonstrated interest in open and community-driven platforms e.g. you've voted in governance
  • Good Written Communication and Documentation skills in English.

The Role (list of key responsibilities)

  • Local community engagement across all channels
  • Be active in NFT communities across the Metaverse, Gaming and Art verticals
  • Strategic marketing campaign & branding build-up
  • Liaise with community group leaders
  • Channel potential partnership opportunities to the right people
  • Assist our marketing and events team
  • Provide regular updates and local insight reports
  • You will be a prominent member of our team and will be active in our Telegram Community, as well as relevant groups and channels across all platforms including Reddit, Bitcointalk and Twitter.

Skills and Experience

  • Keen interest in DeFi, NFT’s, NFT Art and Open financial systems
  • Deep exposure on Web3 / blockchain community outlets in Europe/ USA/ Asia
  • Prior experience in building, growing and managing communities
  • Active in the Crypto communities on Twitter, Discord, Reddit,
  • Comfortable using decentralized Crypto software such as Metamask, DEXs Liquidity Pools etc.)
  • Excellent written and spoken English

Personal qualities

  • What type of person are you looking for? Add 3 – 5 traits, qualities, characteristics. These should be aligned with your company values.


  • Money you can exchange for things
  • A Voting Stake in the Union protocol
  • Home office stipend

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