Corporate Finance Expert at Rook Labs
Corporate Finance Expert at Rook Labs

Corporate Finance Expert at Rook Labs

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Rook Labs is looking for a Corporate Finance Expert to join the team.

This position has been closed

About Rook Labs

The purpose of Rook is to make value exchange as beneficial as possible for users and protocols. We believe that the value created by a transaction - the maximum possible amount of value created as a result of that transaction - belongs to those that own the assets: the buyer and the seller.

That’s why we have built the Rook protocol: An open, equitable, and distributed MEV marketplace that captures and hands back the value to those who have the right to it.

This marketplace provides the fundamental architecture to allow DeFi to fulfill its promise of building a financial infrastructure that can outcompete TradFi, while maintaining the fair, inclusive, and user-centric ethos of DeFi.


  • Lead, oversee and develop the entire finance organization to drive greater company value
  • Develop, maintain, and revise policies, procedures, processes and internal controls to ensure that proper governance is practiced and upheld for the portfolio company
  • Perform finanical asset management and ensure cash/token/crypto flow is appropriate for efficient operation of the company
  • Drive financial planning and forecasting, support business decision making by using a data-driven approach
  • Ensure the all accounting is executed accurately, develop reporting model to meet regulatory reporting requirements
  • Conduct tax planning and ensure the business meets global tax compliance requirements
  • Drive key qualitative (e.g., inorganic strategy development, competitive landscaping, industry analyses, etc.), quantitative (e.g., all aspects of comps, financial modelling) analyses and due diligence in support of M&A
  • Perform risk management assessments by analyzing the organization’s liabilities and investments


  • 10+ years of proven experience in corporate financial control, capital structure, and administration
  • Reputation for high integrity, dedicated work ethic, and desire for ownership & accountability
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment with ever-changing priorities.
  • Comfortable with ambiguity and learn-as-you-go approach surrounding blockchain financial structure.
  • Effective communicator with the ability to build relationships with a complex set of stakeholders
  • Experienced with high-growth startup ventures, helping organizations scale their business
  • In depth knowledge of corporate internal control and risk management practices

Benefits & Perks

  1. Work with the best and learn from the best: Working at Rook Labs means you work exclusively with highly talented and highly professional individuals. There’s no room for adequacy, because few things are more cumbersome to you doing your best work than having to fix the mistakes of colleagues.
  2. Remote: We’re a remote team that’s distributed over US and European time zones. We also get together a few times per year, at major web3 conferences or our annual offsite.
  3. Work, how you want it: We let you work flexible hours so you can design your ideal workday schedule. And with our unlimited PTO policy, you decide on your vacation schedule, and take time off when you need it. No monitoring via timeclock. No cameras pointed at you. No pressure sensors in your chairs.
  4. Guided Autonomy: Contributors at Rook are trusted and respected to do their best work without micro-management. We believe in people over process, and provide context instead of rules. This allows contributors very high levels of autonomy and candor, leading to a workplace of fervent collaboration and innovation.
  5. The best workplace in Web3: We’re committed to building the best possible workplace in all of web3. To accomplish that, we’ve assembled a team of operational experts to accomplish just that.
  6. Stellar compensation: We believe that our contributors are our key to success. Therefore, we offer exceptional terms and higher total compensation than big tech and traditional finance, with in-built mechanisms to expose you to the future success of our protocol.
  7. Make a dent: We’re reimagining finance, and your work can make a meaningful impact in helping us shape a better, more open, inclusive and fairer financial system.
  8. A growth person’s dream environment: A great, innovative, useful and working product suite, ready to be marketed by you, with the resources you need to get it done at your disposal. And our products have true, sustainable network effects: they get more efficient and more performant the more they’re used.
  9. Financial security: We’ve got a well-stocked treasury with >5 years of runway at our current burn rate