DAO Counsel at DXdao
DAO Counsel at DXdao

DAO Counsel at DXdao

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DXdao is looking to hire a remote DAO Counsel to join the team. This is a full-time position that is 100% remote.

This position has been closed

DXdao is a decentralized collective that builds and governs DeFi protocols. Founded in 2019, DXdao’s product suite includes:

  • Swapr, a governance-enabled multi-chain AMM with custom liquidity mining rewards creation and best-price trading features
  • Carrot, a platform for community-driven programmable token incentives
  • DXvote, a governance platform for DAOs made by a DAO. Reputation, token voting and holographic consensus
  • Omen, a leading prediction markets platform

DXdao is an entirely on-chain organization. Everything from hiring decisions to product updates happen via on-chain proposals through its community-driven governance system, based on holographic consensus.

We are looking for a DAO Counsel to join us at DXdao. DXdao is not a traditional organization and is looking for someone with a sharp legal mind to help the DAO, its contributors and stakeholders traverse the global regulatory landscape.

What you should be interested in doing:

  • Building out long-term strategy for DXdao to remain decentralized, on-chain yet scale to an ecosystem of thousands of contributors and stakeholders
  • Coordinating with external counsel on legal matters such as contributor relocation and contributor legal entity management
  • Monitoring emerging DAO and cryptocurrency legislation and regulation, and advising DXdao of regulatory developments and any potential associated risks
  • Communicating legal research to the broader DAO community in order to help open-source the best practices for DAOs
  • Providing business-oriented legal advice to stakeholders across the organization on a variety of business, regulatory and operational matters
  • Identifying inefficiencies in DXdao’s legal operations and providing recommendations for process improvements
  • Collaborating with contributor squads on cross-functional initiatives related to DXdao’s operations

DXdao is looking for:

  • A DAO/DeFi enthusiast who believes in the power of decentralization
  • An independent, self-starter who is comfortable working in a fast-paced, non-hierarchical environment
  • A contributor with legal training or equivalent practical experience
  • A contributor with excellent written and verbal communication skills

What we offer:

  • competitive and transparent salary system that governs all DXdao contributors
  • A global community
  • An opportunity to define and shape what this role is about and why it is an important puzzle piece in the ever growing DAO landscape
  • A flexible remote working policy and working schedules
  • Stipends to travel to and attend high profile Ethereum gatherings around the world