Data Analyst at Lido DAO
Data Analyst at Lido DAO

Data Analyst at Lido DAO

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Lido is looking to hire a remote Data Analyst to join the team. This is a full-time position that is 100% remote.

This position has been closed

Our Analytical team builds models and simulations of blockchain networks and smart contracts using data from a wide range of sources in order to provide DeFi analytics & insights for the community and Lido's strategical and tactical decisions as well as regular analytical support for

products and projects. As a Data Analyst in this team, you will translate product and business issues into research&analytical questions and develop descriptive and predictive models to address various business problems through leveraging statistical modeling, machine learning, and data mining techniques. This role requires excellent analytical skills, proficient knowledge of data analysis practices, and the ability to collaborate with various teams.

The role is a full-time remote position, and you’re free to work from anywhere. Be advised that most meetings occur between 08:00 and 14:00 UTC. If you're applying from a location where these hours are outside your usual working hours, we expect you to adapt to our meeting times.

  • Build data models and visualizations of public blockchain data and simulation results
  • Construct and check hypotheses based on data
  • Perform ad hoc data analysis based on requests from various teams
  • Build agent-based simulations of smart contracts and blockchain networks
  • Generate actionable insights and share the results with the community
  • Work on self-directed data research projects that identify valuable opportunities for further exploration
  • Hands-on data analysis, statistical modeling techniques
  • Proficient at writing code in Python or similar languages
  • Experience with scientific computing packages such as Numpy/Scipy, Pandas, etc.
  • Intermediate to advanced SQL skills
  • Advanced English

The successful candidate will be a self-starter comfortable with ambiguity, capable of working in a fast-paced environment, enjoying working with emerging technologies, possess a strong attention to detail

  • Solid understanding of data science methods used to analyse data, and knowledge of data types, topics, and scientific challenges and approaches, statistical analytics. You likely have a degree in Finance/Economics, Math/Applied Math, Statistics/Applied Statistics, Data Science, Computer Science or similar field or similar or equivalent real-world experience
  • Standard knowledge in the use of data sources and applications to conduct research
  • Experience in working with large datasets
  • Experience with data modeling and data exploration tools
  • Experience in ML development and deployment is a plus
  • Strong critical thinking and analytical capabilities
  • Crypto experience, particularly working with Ethereum / blockchain nodes is a plus
  • Are ready to take ownership and responsibility for your work. Never heard of the words “not my job"

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