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Deputy Editor

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Zora is looking to hire a Deputy Editor to join the team.

This position has been closed

ZORA is a group of individuals working towards a new paradigm for creators by enabling the creation, curation, and collection of NFTs. We believe that by enabling a more equitable system for creators and communities, we will fundamentally rediscover the power of the internet.

We’re working tirelessly to make ZORA available to as many creators as possible. Our mission is to build a new creator and community-owned economy.

About Zora Zine

Zora Zine is the editorial project within the larger ZORA ecosystem. We’ve published subversive storytelling, critical writing, and highlighted the inclusive, borderless nature of the Web3 community. As a disruptive and cutting-edge online magazine on Web3 and NFTs, Zora’s audience mirrors the creators and builders whom we feature: Pieces which center on developer/engineer backends perform well with that demographic; when we go live with stories about creators, we hear from that subset as well; essays, Curators-In-Residence, and cultural dispatches garner the interest of people who take more sociological/theoretical approaches to Web3; and many in the traditional art world want to learn more about art, smart contracts, and decentralization, through us.

Zora Zine lies in ZORA’s Marketing Department. The Editor-In-Chief directs the larger editorial strategy and framework, shares this with the Marketing Director, and is currently supported by the Marketing Manager, who liaises between departments. We’re looking for a PT Deputy Editor who can provide direct support to the Editor-In-Chief, manage editorial content, help develop the editorial calendar, collaborate with and commission freelance writers, and author pieces—with the potential for the role to grow into full-time. Zora Zine is primarily digital, but there will be occasional bespoke and physical “Special Editions”.

What You’ll Do

  • Work in-tandem with EIC
  • Set deadlines, manage editorial content, and enable consistent workflow - Pitch content and help EIC build-out the publishing calendar
  • Commission/collaborate with freelance writers
  • Liaise with Contributing Editors, Editors-At-Large, and the Copy Editor - Interview subjects and occasionally provide in-house bylines
  • Fact-check

Skills we’re looking for

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Minimum 5 years of magazine/publishing experience with 1-2 years editorial management experience
  • Curiosity for / rudimentary knowledge of Web3, NFTs, and Decentralization - Deep passion for and knowledge of cultural, artistic, and activist spheres - Strong attention to detail and adept at multitasking
  • Exceptional communication and transparency
  • Experience with Google Workspace, Twitter, and Discord


ZORA provides top quality medical, dental, and vision insurance, with a flexible time-off policy and a new Macbook Pro for full-time employees. Employees also receive equity.


ZORA is international. Our headquarters are the internet and we have employees all over the world. We’re currently in Atlanta, Berlin, Lisbon, Los Angeles, Moscow, New York, San Francisco, Sydney, and Vancouver.

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