Marketing/Narrative Builder

Marketing/Narrative Builder

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DXdao is a decentralized collective that builds and governs DeFi protocols. Founded in 2019, DXdao’s product suite includes three products: Omen, a leading prediction markets platform; Swapr, a governance-enabled, multi-chain AMM with adjustable fees; and Mesa, a decentralized IDO platform.

This position has been closed

DXdao is an entirely on-chain organization. Everything from hiring decisions to product updates happen through its community-driven governance system, based on holographic consensus.

DXdao is looking for an experienced marketer that can build a cohesive narrative around its innovative structure in the DeFi space. Moreover, each of DXdao’s products comes with its own brand story that needs to be further developed. This is an opportunity to build a marketing team that gives full attention to each product to complement the DXdao brand and grow the DXdao community.

DXdao is looking for:

  • A marketing guru who is familiar with the cryptocurrency, DeFi, blockchain marketplaces, and ecosystems
  • An independent, forward thinking person that can work and coordinate a team across time zones and cultures
  • A DAO/DeFi enthusiast that believes in the power of decentralization
  • An expert in growth marketing techniques and strategies
  • A creative individual that can produce tactical content, messaging, and campaign strategy. Proven experience in executing marketing campaigns and working with internal and third-party resources is a must
  • An advocate for DXdao, its products and the community


Growth Marketing

  • Lead the growth marketing campaigns across all audience channels targeting developers and companies interested in blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and decentralized applications
  • Create and run viral campaigns to capture wide audiences of external developer communities; raise awareness, lead the acquisition, and activation of external developers and developer communities
  • Grow our presence throughout various online communities and find creative ways to drive high levels of interest in our brand
  • Analyze data and track metrics to optimize campaigns and ads

Social Engagement

  • Drive social engagement through community and ambassador networks and growth marketing campaigns
  • Provide engaging content in a variety of forms, such as text, image, and video, for social media accounts
  • Experience launching community initiatives such as hosting events and meetups to build brand awareness and social engagement
  • Ability to identify, track, and analyze relevant community metrics


  • Plan and execute engaging media relations and content campaigns
  • Assist with ideating and executing campaigns across owned and media channels
  • Leverage data and analytics to identify press opportunities and contribute to continual strategy improvement
  • Manage media relations operations, copy, and creative development process (e.g. blogs, press releases, and opinion pieces)