Gaming Analyst at Merit Circle
Gaming Analyst at Merit Circle

Gaming Analyst at Merit Circle

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Merit Circle is hiring a Game Analyst to join the team.

This position has been closed

About the role

We are offering an exciting opportunity in the Merit Circle DAO for young and adept gamers. As a game analyst, you will analyze and provide recommendations for our investment team for potential partnerships; and support our content team in reviewing Web3 games for current and future partners.

Covering a broad range of titles, an ideal candidate is able to effectively conduct in-depth reviews and can create actionable feedback that can be used internally by our team, but also by external parties such as our partners. This implies that the candidate should be able to meet strict deadlines set by the team, communicate effectively with our partners and produce high-quality written reports.

As part of the game analyst team, you will be part of a collaborative team that will be connected to many partners and their gaming communities, giving you insight into each game from both a player’s and developer’s perspective. This position also opens up an exciting career path within the DAO, exposing game analysts to the different domains of game development and testing. Based on your performance, this role can evolve into a full-time position at Merit Circle.

Working at a fully-remote organization like ours requires a greater deal of independence and flexibility; in order to coordinate with a team working around the world. As we have seen in recent months, change is inevitable in the industry that we operate in; and so being able to quickly adapt and respond to them is vital.

Your day to day activities will include the following:

  • Game-playing / Game-testing
  • Game discussion / meetings
  • Game content writing i.e reviews / research papers
  • Game reviewing


  • Excellent English speaking and writing proficiency
  • Ability to collaborate with our other departments
  • Good communicative skills
  • Above basic knowledge of gaming, gaming platforms and game design
  • Critical thinking and ability to distill complex problems

Strong pluses

  • 1-3+ years of work experience in tech or gaming careers
  • Experience in game development or technical background
  • Passion for- or deep interest in web3
  • Passion for- or deep interest in fintech
  • Passion for- or deep interest in gaming
  • Experience with investing


  • Competitive Salary
  • Fully remote part-time role with full operation and creative freedom - manage your hours / work in a way that suits you
  • Unlimited vacation
  • Rapid expansion of a valuable professional network
  • Work in a high-growth sector for a high-growth company
  • Fun, innovative and dynamic team

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