Integration Engineer at CoW Protocol
Integration Engineer at CoW Protocol

Integration Engineer at CoW Protocol

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CoW Protocol is looking to hire an Integration Engineer to join the team.

This position has been closed

About CoW DAO

  • CoW Protocol is on a mission to create the fairest and most efficient venue for exchanging digital assets on all EVM-compatible chains. Since launching 2 years ago, we have passed $23bn (yes, billion) in trade volume and become the 2nd most popular DEX Aggregator on the market -- aiming for #1.
  • We are an ambitious, fast-growing, and international team working at the forefront of DeFi.
  • We believe that we can make markets both more efficient and fair by building the ultimate batch auction settlement layer across EVM-compatible blockchains.
  • Protection from MEV. CoW Protocol is the industry leader in protecting users from frontrunning and sandwich attacks, which lose traders thousands of dollars every day. It does this by matching trades peer-to-peer and leveraging batch auctions [→] so trade order becomes irrelevant.

By joining us at this early stage, you will make fundamental decisions that will make fundamental decisions that will shape the course of the CoW Protocol.

About the role

You will be part of the frontend team and closely align and work together with the business development team. The goal for this role is to increase the amount of integrations of CoW Swap and grow the general ecosystem that’s built around CoW Swap. As part of your role you will examine and brainstorm new collaboration ideas with our partners, improve the SDK and general developer experience, work closely on our grants program (define bounties and evaluate submissions), and attend conferences and hackathons.

What you’ll do

  • Be CoW Protocol’s foremost expert on the developer audience. Work to understand the core needs, pain points, and motivations of external engineers that are tasked with evaluating and implementing CoW Protocol
  • Structure documentation requirements for developers with varying objectives — from integrating CoW Protocol into their existing DeFi platforms to creating new solvers for the core protocol
  • Develop features that foster fast integrations (e.g. easy to integrate widget for swapping)
  • Help the CoW GrantsDAO in creating new technical bounties as well as assessing bounty applications and submissions
  • Plan, oversee, and develop materials for CoW Protocol’s presence at hackathons. Travel the globe to be an on-hand resource for anywhere between 4-8 Ethereum conferences per year
  • Shape the roadmap of CowSwap by collecting and scoping out new feature requests and proposing improvements that will accelerate the onboarding of new partners
  • Attend sales calls between technical teams to assess deal potential, suggest other collaborations, and ideas, and evaluate priorities.
  • Maintain excellent communication with current and potential partners in terms of onboarding and ongoing support.

Who you are

  • You have several years of experience developing professional client-side web apps
  • Experience in Python, JS, React
  • Experience designing restful API
  • Automation of tools, docker
  • A natural collaborator and problem solver
  • Experience developing software solutions
  • Extrovert, you enjoy talking to other devs and exploring new ideas for collaborations
  • Excellent communication skills in English
  • Excited by new challenges
  • Proactive & hands-on! Sending code snippets to kick-start an integration can go a long way!

It’s a plus if you bring:

  • Understanding of the Ethereum blockchain and ecosystem, general finance and/or game theory, and mechanism design.
  • Good to have other relevant languages, like Rust, C++, Solidity
  • Good to have experience in consulting, on technology solutions or as a client-facing solutions architect, integrations engineer, or similar

Benefits & Perks

⚖️. Flexible work environment: join one of our hubs in Berlin or Lisbon or work remotely with the option of joining a local co-working space

✈️  Regular trips to reunite with the rest of the team

🙌  High level of autonomy, independency and ownership

🏫  Conference budget to keep up to date with the developments of the ecosystem

📚  Learning budget to support your higher ambitions

🚀  Work alongside the biggest projects and names of the space

👩🏻‍💻  Is there something that interests you outside of your core tasks?→ Engineers can use your Friday afternoons on research or any side project in our ecosystem

🎯  Impact: you are joining a startup where you can make a huge difference. Your work matters!

📈  But most importantly - grow with us! We're growing rapidly, the industry is expanding fast, and we have a lot to do.