Operations at DIA DAO
Operations at DIA DAO

Operations at DIA DAO

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DIA DAO is looking for contributors to join the Operations Guild

When DIA launched in 2018, it leveraged a community of incentivised developers to source and validate data. This was only the start — a core part of DIA’s mission is to decentralise the organisation and enable a diversely skilled community of like-minds that self-organises to create value for the project. In short: To become a DAO.

Our Goal:To build a formal framework to enable the DIA community to support the growth and development of DIA and to earn rewards while doing so. The inception of this ‘Work DAO’ is a major milestone in the journey to a fully matured DAO. In this post, we will unbox how we plan to raise and operate DIA’s decentralised workforce.

Benefits of the DIA DAO:You can earn $ETH and XP points for each bounty completed. Additionally, DIA tokens are an extra layer of reward to enable participation in governance and other on-site utilities. However, DIA DAO has real intangible benefits. You can learn about Web3 and develop your skills, shape the future of DIA DAO, gain new connections in the ecosystem, become a creator in the data layer of the web3 economy, and many more.

Job requirements


Bounties scope:

Hunting for exploits, writing new FAQs, suggesting new tools for better management, researching new platforms for possible integrations.


Research the platforms and be able to present the results of such research.


Experience with Discord, bounty boards, other work DAOs.


Bounties scope:

Assisting users with navigating DIA DAO spaces on Discord and Dework, assisting them with the UI as well as helping them to better understand the values and opportunities at DIA DAO.


Using basic moderation functions on Discord.


Experience with community management, conducting the events, addressing the issues in a formal manner, following the guidelines, acting autonomously but knowing when to escalate the issue to the leader.

The bounty's scope is constantly growing, and soon, we will have leadership positions in the DAO. It's an excellent opportunity to join us early in this journey.

After applying, someone from our team will contact you to inform the next steps and how to apply for the bounties at Dework.

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