Research Engineer at BitDAO
Research Engineer at BitDAO

Research Engineer at BitDAO

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BitDAO is looking to hire a Research Engineer to join the team.

This position has been closed


Windranger is a product lab working on the BitDAO ecosystem. You can read more about us here. Over the next few years, BitDAO intends to secure a handful of large partnerships (on the scale of zkSyncGame7BitNetwork).As proposed by one of BitDAO’s core contributors, BitDAO is looking to build a chain (BITNetwork) that: uses $BIT as a native token; is EVM compatible; and optimized for high throughput dapps such as derivatives dexes and gaming.

Your Role

  • Research ETH scaling technologies: rollups, zero knowledge proofs, fraud proofs, data availability, sequencers, etc. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Data availability - offchain data committee, restaking validators (e.g. EigenLayer), modular DA (Celestia)
    • Sequencer - decentralization through BFT consensus, Raft leader election committee
    • Fraud proofs - interactive fraud proof, offchain notary
    • ZK - zkEVM, custom circuit for derivatives trading business logic
  • Participate in due diligence efforts on potential technology partners or investment opportunities related to scaling solutions.
  • Take direction from the project strategy team.
  • Interface with the engineering team to assess options and feasibility.
  • Author technical articles to disseminate your findings among project engineers, and in some cases the wider BitDAO ecosystem.

Your Craft

  • In-depth understanding of current and upcoming scaling solutions, and the tradeoffs between the different options.
  • Practical knowledge of cryptography.
  • Compelling communicator for effective engagement with the engineering team.
  • Published articles and specifications.

Extra Credit

  • Background in cryptography, protocol engineering, and/or distributed systems.
  • Business language fluency in English required, and Chinese Mandarin preferred.

Uniquely crypto benefits

We do things a little differently here at Windranger, as you’d expect from the blockchain. We promise a culture of flexibility, autonomy, and the freedom to contribute to the wider Web3 ecosystem. Also: a fully remote working environment. Our compensation packages are reflective of the experience and value you bring to the organization and individual projects.

  • Base pay in USD, USDT or USDC paid monthly
  • BIT tokens vested every six months over five years
  • Potential to earn tokens in products developed by Windranger
  • $500 to spend on office equipment

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