Senior Fullstack Engineer at Maker DAO
Senior Fullstack Engineer at Maker DAO

Senior Fullstack Engineer at Maker DAO

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MakerDAO is looking to hire a Senior Fullstack Engineer < Chronicle Labs > Maker Oracles to join the team.

This position has been closed

Chronicle Labs is funded by MakerDAO and is responsible for the development and adoption of the Chronicle Protocol, the blockchain-agnostic infrastructure layer for truth.

Chronicle Oracles act as arbiters of trust that provide data with integrity guarantees to blockchain applications. Chronicle Oracles have been live since 2016 and secure over $10B in MakerDAO as well as other top Defi protocols.What we are looking for

Our team is looking for a Senior Engineer, someone who can take full ownership of developing the Oracle dashboard. We are looking for a seasoned engineer, who can justify architectural decisions and is capable to work across the stack, mastering both the front and back end. If you are a versatile engineer, capable of working end to end on products and features, who understands modern web architectures, who enjoy building data-facing products interacting with different API frameworks, and capable of working on the backend with Node or Typescript.

Some of your responsibilities will include

  • Develop and maintain the V2 of our Oracles Client/Dashboard
  • Integrate with our smart contracts to fetch data around covers, claims, and staking
  • Continuously adapt the design framework based on research and user needs to improve the usability
  • Integrate and adapt our UI’s to offer an amazing user experience
  • Keep up with smart contract changes, review contributions, and components developed by the ecosystem and design partners
  • Integrate with other chains to build native experiences for users to be able to prove losses
  • Debug and fix user-reported issues
  • Job requirements

  • 5+ years of experience in frontend development and JS-based frameworks
  • Proficient with React, Redux, CSS, and HTML
  • Understanding of API frameworks, plus experience with fetching and displaying dynamic data
  • Understanding of modern, client-side, architecture
  • Being self-motivated and eager to keep up with the fast-paced and agile team.
  • Being obsessed with clean code and engineering best practices

And you will stand out if

  • You are interested in decentralization and web3 technologies
  • You have experience with fetching or interacting with blockchain data, or have interacted with oracle services or subgraphs
  • You have experience with the web3 frontend stack (ethers.js / web3.js, etc)

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