Senior Smart Contract Engineer for Starknet
Senior Smart Contract Engineer for Starknet

Senior Smart Contract Engineer for Starknet

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MakerDAO is looking to hire a remote Senior Smart Contract Engineer for Starknet to join the team. This is a full-time position that is 100% remote.

This position has been closed

We are the Starknet Engineering Core Unit. We are a small team of 3 members (one Facilitator, 2 Engineers) and we are financed 50/50 by MakerDAO and Starknet. Our Core Unit was ratified in September 2021. Our ultimate mandate is to rebuild Maker onto Starknet. During phase one we built a simple bridge between Maker and Starknet. Phase II will start in January and will implement the wormhole design aiming at making DAI the easiest stablecoin to move around the ecosystem.About Maker and Starknet / Starkware

Maker is one of the biggest and most established DeFi protocol with ~$20Bn value locked. Starknet is the zk-rollup by Starkware that just launched the alpha of its Mainnet. Starkware is a $2bn company and their previous scalability solution (Starkex) is used by dYdX, Deversifi, ImmutableX, and Sorare, among others.

Some references from our Forum:

Job requirements

Challenges for the first 6 monthsWe will be implementing the Starknet version of the DAI wormhole.

This will involve:

  • Develop the wormhole Oracle on Starknet (providing mint attestation);
  • Update our L1 and L2 bridge contracts with wormhole specific functions;
  • Develop the Maker core module other related Maker contracts (see Maker documentation); and
  • Build unit tests and end-to-end tests working across L1, Starknet, and other rollup.

Challenges for the 6-12 months period

We will be implementing multi-collateral DAI on Starknet.

This will involve to:

  • Develop the liquidation module.
  • Develop the price oracle module.
  • Develop the emergency shutdown module
  • Develop the system stabilizer module


  • Contribute to our design discussion and implementations.
  • Find pragmatic solutions to hard technical challenges.
  • Understand trust assumptions and be able to identify attack vectors
  • Technical leadership with strong smart contract development background

About you.

Our ideal candidate:

  • has an extensive experience in back-end software engineering;
  • has experience building on Layer-2 scaling solutions, and its associated challenges (bridges, oracles, data availability, finality etc...);
  • has experience developing Solidity Smart Contract and protocols.
  • Has developed smart contracts that were pushed onto Mainnet;
  • is a team player, has mentored Engineers; and
  • is eager to learn Cairo (Starknet language)
  • Bonus track: experience with zk-proofs.

Practical aspects and compensation

  • We are backed up by both Starkware and MakerDAO.
  • This is a full time position.
  • Competitive salary in USD (we can also pay in DAI).
  • Attractive Maker compensation bonus.
  • This is a 100% remote position. We are open to contributors in the European timezone or in the US East-Coast time zone.

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