Smart Contract Engineer - Chronicle Labs at Maker DAO
Smart Contract Engineer - Chronicle Labs at Maker DAO

Smart Contract Engineer - Chronicle Labs at Maker DAO

MakerDAO is looking to hire a Smart Contract Engineer < Chronicle Labs > Oracles Core Unit to join the team.

This position has been closed

As DeFi begins to mature, and more sophisticated institutions enter the ecosystem, attention will shift toward risk management and security. One area that will be heavily scrutinized is Oracles. As Oracles are the root of trust, the Achilles Heel of most DeFi protocols, demand for decentralized secure and resilient Oracles is expected to grow.

The Maker Oracles are a critical dependency of the Maker Protocol that regulates Dai generation, Vault liquidations, and protect the solvency of the system. MakerDAO needs proprietary Oracles for a multitude of reasons like: Security, Cost-Regulation, Flexibility, Oracles as a Service (OaaS)

We are looking for someone that can Implement high-quality Solidity code and brings a clear understanding of economic and game theoretic principles and dynamics, including how they apply to and affect blockchain-based systems to design, implement, test, and deliver the Chronicle Labs Oracle services.

This means being at the forefront of technologies like Ethereum 2.0 (beacon chain, side chains, validators, sharding), advances in other languages (Vyper, Huff, Yul, eWASM), and Layer 2 solutions (Optimistic Rollups, zk-Rollups), consensus algorithms, incentive mechanisms, game theoretic attack vectors, etc.

We work with the following technologies

  • Solidity language and compiler, including quirks and edge cases
  • Debugging and testing tools like hevm, dapp-test, remix
  • Ethereum testnets and contract deployment scripts
  • Fuzzers and Vulnerability Scanners such as Echidna, Manticore, Slither, etc
  • Feeds & Oracles
    • Smart contracts (Solidity)
    • Scuttlebutt
  • Docker / containerization of backend services

As a Smart Contracts Engineer, you will:

  • Work effectively with a high degree of autonomy, while being able to collaborate with a globally distributed team
  • Understand the Maker business domain to help setup & architect the Maker Protocol, improve Business logic and implementation details of the smart contracts
  • Practice continuous integration and delivery, helping the team to deliver to the integrated QA environment and facilitate governance-driven releases to the Ethereum testnet
  • Create and maintain documentation for Oracle smart contracts
  • Analyze customer Oracle integrations to ensure compliance with whitelisting rules

Job requirements

  • 1-2 years of professional Solidity development experience
  • Deep understanding of the underlying Ethereum Virtual Machine, compilation from high level language to bytecode, the EVM execution model, memory layout, etc.
  • Knowledge of common smart contract development design patterns, industry standards (ERCs and EIPs) and best practices. Understand typical smart contract problems like reentrancy, migrations and upgradeability of immutable systems.

And you'll stand out if

  • Broad understanding of traditional finance, currency and money markets, and how they’re being adapted into Decentralized Finance, with concepts such as Security Tokens, Decentralized Exchanges, Fungibility, etc.
  • Multiple years of solidity experience from reputable DeFi or blockchain project
  • Security / auditing experience

What’s in it for you

  • Be part of an ecosystem that encourages transparency and alignment with open source methodologies and principles
  • Contribute to high-impact projects that address some of the core needs of a decentralized protocol
  • Work within a remote and highly collaborative team consisting of diverse experts
  • Full-time permanent team member of the Sustainable Ecosystem Scaling core unit
  • Competitive compensation that consists of fixed monthly income plus MKR incentive plan vested over a 3-year period

The Oracle's Core Unit vision embodies the five core MakerDAO principles

Driving Dai Adoption – The inclusion of diverse and desirable collateral types in the Maker Protocol increases the supply, attractiveness, market usage, and ultimately, the demand for the Dai stablecoin.

Scientific Governance – The diversity of the collateral assets of the Maker protocol reduce the portfolio’s risk inherent in relying heavily on a single collateral type. The natural byproduct of diversity helps maintain the stability of Dai.

Gradual Decentralization – By deploying MakerDAO capital to build, scale, and leverage the collateral onboarding infrastructure, we normalize the process and costs associated with onboarding collateral.

Serving The Underserved – Support the financially underserved through the use of Dai as a predictable and stable unit of account. As we term it, “to be the world’s unbiased currency”. Sensitivities to localized collateral help with inclusion and access to the global financial ecosystem.

Sustainable Finance  The makeup of the Dai collateral portfolio has a significant impact on global capital allocation. It is therefore crucial that governance of the collateral portfolio take long-term societal, environmental, and sustainability impact into account.

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