Sr. Community Manager

Sr. Community Manager

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KeeperDAO is looking to hire a remote Sr. Community Manager to join the team. This is a full-time position that is 100% remote.

This position has been closed

Compensation Range: $169-234k (dependent on expertise).

The role

We are looking for a Senior Community Manager with strong organizational, leadership, decision-making, and online event management skills to drive positive engagement and better inform our community. Leading our community efforts is hard, and very important, and you'll be rewarded as such. This is a Full-Time Position (FTE).

Fostering a healthy, engaged community should be your thing. We’re looking for a leader of people who takes pride in creating top-shelf communities, thrives in an extremely fast-paced environment, and knows how to run a tight ship.


  • Own the engagement strategy and execution of the discord and Twitter, including:
    • Creating and posting KeeperDAO related content, including updates, memes, informational threads, and engage in ongoing social conversations
    • Measure and track the sustained participation of our community members.
    • Assist/Coordinate with Mods to triage user support requests.
  • Own the entire lifecycle of the KeeperDAO’s live events (Town Halls, Community Calls, AMA's, Workshops, and other events like Game Nights), including:
    • Recruit guest appearances from protocols and personalities
    • Manage production schedule and develop content for our live streams and podcast
    • Prepare materials and lead/support host in leading all online events
  • Own the entire lifecycle of all grant-making activities, including:
    • Develop and manage streamlined application and approval processes with relevant internal stakeholders
    • Monitor, analyze, and report on the Grant applicants and their progress over time
    • Define and measure success metrics, and assist with the preparation of progress reports
    • Track status of Grants as they transition through stages (application -> review -> award -> funds distribution -> follow-up -> final report)
    • Recommend and contribute to process improvements
    • Reply to communication from prospective applicants


  • We are looking for people with high agency
  • Working at KeeperDAO requires you to be a professional
  • Interest in Web3 is a must
  • Team players only: We build things together. Ego’s are left at the door
  • A High EQ
  • Experience with Discourse.
  • Experience with Discord.
  • Knowledge of Ethereum.
  • Experience in multi-media communications.
  • Experience organizing virtual and non-virtual events.
  • Experience in conflict resolution.

Preferred qualifications

  • 3+ years experience working on community management
  • A solid understanding of (decentralized) finance and blockchains
  • Experience working in small (5-10) creative teams

Compensation & Benefits

  • Competitive compensation: We will offer you highly competitive compensation, beating the largest technology companies and financial institutions on the planet.
  • Unlimited upside: You will receive a grant of ROOK based on today’s price, good for the next 3 years. This gives you unlimited upside while your work benefits KeeperDAO.
  • No complicated vesting: The grant vests linearly and has only a 3-month “ramp up” period. The period may be waived for highly-qualified candidates.
  • Financial security: Because of our healthy, liquid treasury we won’t run out of money to pay you for the duration of your 3-year grant.
  • Equal pay for equal work: We don’t adapt compensation according to where you live. All incentives are set to reference amounts for the San Francisco Bay area, which are typically the highest in the world.
  • Work smarter, not harder: We let you work flexible hours - so you can design your ideal workday schedule - and take the time you need when you feel you need to take a break.
  • Compensate for lack of benefits: KeeperDAO will account for the cost of missing benefits such as health insurance, 401(k) matching, vacation time, and the need to cover work-related expenses.
  • Work remotely: Live and work wherever you like.
  • Make a dent: We’re reimagining finance, and your work can make a meaningful impact in helping us shape a better, more open, inclusive and fairer financial system.

Working at KeeperDAO

Working at KeeperDAO gives you the ability to work on what you want to work on and make meaningful change.

We are a relatively young, committed, and globally distributed team consisting of some of the brightest minds in the industry (some of which used to work at companies like Google and NASA before joining us). We celebrate diversity of opinions and encourage healthy debate.

We pride ourselves on having a friendly, diverse, inclusive, and understanding work environment. Our DAO is a space for you to work, learn and innovate, and have a great time doing so. At KeeperDAO, you can bring your 'whole self' to work. There's no need for masks, no middle managers to please, no office politics, no hierarchical rat race. Our team members have a diverse set of interests, experiences, and cultural backgrounds, and we encourage you to share yours with us.

We're working towards becoming a Teal organization. We operate with natural hierarchies, meaning that if you have the expertise you'll be fully powerful, and as such you'll be consulted for all matters engineering. We operate with self-managing teams: meaning, no middle managers to veto your brilliant ideas. (For more, see the book: Reinventing Organizations, by Frederic Laloux)

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