Staff Data Scientist at Zora
Staff Data Scientist at Zora

Staff Data Scientist at Zora

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Zora is looking to hire a Staff Data Scientist to join the team.

This position has been closed

About Zora

ZORA is a group of individuals working towards a new paradigm for creators by enabling the creation, curation, and collection of NFTs. We believe that by enabling a more equitable system for creators and communities, we will fundamentally rediscover the power of the internet.

We’re working tirelessly to make ZORA available to as many creators as possible. Our mission is to build a new creator and community-owned economy.

ZORA is in the process of building up the foundations of our data science practice. As the first Data Scientist at ZORA you’ll wear a lot of hats and work closely with Product and Engineering Leadership. Your day to day will consist of contributing to data heavy products such as our feed, developing our experimentation practice, and developing metrics to drive and measure product and business decisions.

What you’ll do

  • Build foundational data systems such as ETLs, dashboards, analytics, and experimentation
  • Set standards and build out systems for how ZORA conducts A/B testing in product, and measures results
  • Develop and own metrics for ZORA’s products, business, and the crypto ecosystem as a whole
  • Work on development of our feed algorithms and recommendation systems
  • Work with stakeholders on product prioritization and planning in a data informed way

Skills we’re looking for

  • Comfort going 0 -> 1 and greenfield work
  • Expertise in SQL and Python
  • Experience writing DAGs using Dagster or Airflow
  • Understanding of how to define and maintain business metrics, and present that data in digestible ways
  • Experience with experimentation & A/B testing
  • Experience with cross-domain, cross-platform tracking and attribution
  • Experience with at least one OLAP database {BigQuery, Snowflake, Redshift, etc}

We’d love it if you had

  • Prior experience with ML and recommendation systems
  • Understanding of crypto data
  • Experience creating Dune dashboards
  • Prior knowledge of DAOs and NFTs


We're committed to offering you a salary competitive to the market based on your experience.

Benefits & Perks

🏥  Top quality medical, dental, and vision insurance

🏖  Flexible time-off policy

👩🏻‍💻  New Macbook Pro for full-time employees

💸  Employees also receive equity

🌐  Our headquarters are the internet and we have employees all over the world

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