Strategic Content Manager at Pocket Network
Strategic Content Manager at Pocket Network

Strategic Content Manager at Pocket Network

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Pocket Network is looking to hire a Strategic Content Manager to join the team.

This position has been closed

About Pocket Network

Pocket Network is the leading decentralized blockchain infrastructure protocol. This is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of our quickly growing adoption curve. As an open-source, permissionless protocol driving developer adoption, we believe in a future that will enable greater participation in global digital economies and communities.

We're looking for

Open-minded, motivated individuals that want to expand the adoption of Web3. We are a fast-moving, collaborative, and free-thinking team. We're united by our desire to fully decentralize Web3, build amazing products for our users, and create a diverse and welcoming workplace.

What you'll do

You’ll be responsible for setting objectives to develop a cohesive and profitable marketing content strategy for Pocket. Your tasks will include performing SEO market research and helping coordinate our marketing campaign together with the growth marketing team. Ultimately, you should be able to increase our websites’ positioning ensuring brand consistency. The ideal candidate operates like many of our Web3 friends do; they’re deeply curious about all corners of Web3, passionate about the principles of open-source, and have an obsessive attention to detail.

In this role, you will

  • Build a scalable content strategy, aligned to the company goals, across a variety of communication channels.
  • Build our key messaging approach for our desired positioning, aligned to our values, as well as the solutions generated from Pocket.
  • Collaborate in profiling the target persona with the branding and product team.
  • Write about upcoming protocol/product releases, maintenance windows, and upgrades with internal stakeholders as well as community members as needed. Collaborate with the community team to foster diverse perspectives.
  • Ensure subject matter content is correct and current by regular reviewing, proofing, and auditing published content.
  • Build and lead the team of content creators who bring awareness and result oriented action to Pocket
  • Collaborate with cross-department teams to develop innovative strategies surrounding content such as protocol releases or ecosystem guides, or strategic partnerships.
  • Generate innovative ideas to promote our brand and our products.
  • Ensure brand consistency through all marketing channels.
  • Establish a strong, long-term web presence building authority on each subject matter
  • Design and implement marketing strategies aligned with business targets, the growth marketing manager, and potential marketing agencies.
  • Monitor trends and sentiment in Defi/Cryptocurrency/Blockchain communities
  • Build awareness of the Pocket Network brand, voice, and identity as well as that of its ecosystem participants

Preferred Qualifications

  • 3+ years in a content marketing role or similar
  • 2+ years leading and growing a content team
  • Has a deep understandsing of web3
  • Experience developing and executing a content plan that supports Pocket’s mission, values, and messaging.
  • Ability to assess the effectiveness of content and report and iterate on an ongoing basis
  • Ability to work collaboratively and communicate with persuasion.
  • Ability to create a constant and compelling stream of content that resonates
  • Ability to curate content and manage decentralized CMS
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written)

Benefits & Perks

🌐  Remote work

⚖️  Flexible work schedule

💸  Competitive token vesting package (to be determined upon receiving an offer)

🏖  Generous paid time off

🏫  Healthcare & Benefits

$40k – $70k • 0.1% – 0.15%

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