SubDAO Contributors at YGG
SubDAO Contributors at YGG

SubDAO Contributors at YGG

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Yield Guild Games is looking to hire SubDAO team members.

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Yield Guild Games is a decentralized gaming guild that pools funds to purchase yield-generating NFTs, and leverages players' time and effort to optimize community-owned assets for maximum utility and return.

By merging NFTs and decentralized finance (DeFi), YGG’s creates value for its partners and community by developing the content and economy of virtual worlds and blockchain-based games. The organization’s mission is to create the biggest virtual world economy.

YGG believes that NFTs and cryptocurrencies are providing transformative economic opportunities for people young and old in developing nations where jobs are lacking and crisis relief has been limited. Notable investors in YGG include Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), Delphi Digital, BITKRAFT Ventures, Animoca Brands, Scalar Capital, and Fabric Ventures.

Our SubDAOs

YGG is more than just a Gaming Guild, we are a Guild-of-Guilds and have a network of "SubDAO" organizations that we invest in and work with all around the world to expand into new geographies, markets, and games.

We know our SubDAOs are aggressively focused on growth and working with the best people in the space - we would love to help connect you.

If you have relevant work experience and are keen to work with one of our SubDAOs, submit your information here and we will try our best to connect you to the relevant team members

Not the perfect fit? Check out our list of contributor roles: