Technical Project Lead at dYdX DAO
Technical Project Lead at dYdX DAO

Technical Project Lead at dYdX DAO

Job Category
Project Management

We are looking for a Technical Project Lead who can join the dYdX community, drive ecosystem projects, and contribute to the effective planning and scheduling of the rollout of technical projects for the continual improvement of the dYdX Protocol. You will structure and facilitate translating technical requirements into a roadmap for the community. You will be the connective tissue that acts as a bridge for the community.

This position has been closed

We want you to bring your technical expertise, enthusiasm, and creativity to the table and represent the dYdX Operations Trust to our fast-growing community.


As the dYdX ecosystem nears the release of a fully decentralized and open-sourced version of the protocol - the Mainnet launch of dYdX V4, the dYdX community must actively promote the growth and expansion of the dYdX DAO. The dYdX DAO is expected to comprise several autonomous subDAOs, each focusing on core functional areas of the dYdX protocol and ultimately being accountable to the dYdX community. Encompassing all community programs and initiatives, the dYdX DAO aims to further the vision of complete decentralization.

The dYdX Operations Trust (“DOT”) emerged as the second subDAO, established through an on-chain proposal that passed on December 18th, 2022. After the on-chain proposal passed, the DOT was created as a Guernsey non-charitable Purpose Trust entity.

At the dYdX Operations Trust, you will be able to foster community-driven growth over decentralized technology that will redefine global financial markets. By joining at this early stage, you will play a vital role in making fundamental decisions that shape the trajectory of the dYdX ecosystem. In this crucial position, you will manage the day-to-day operations of the DOT, supervise strategic projects, and ensure task execution in alignment with the goals of the broader dYdX DAO. Your efforts will be vital to fostering collaboration, operational efficiency, and exceptional performance throughout the ecosystem.

What You'll be Doing

  • Plan, co-execute, and deliver technology, product, or program-related projects from inception to completion.
  • Provide necessary technical capabilities to support the potential mainnet launch of dYdX V4.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to design and implement scalable and fault-tolerant infrastructure solutions for the dYdX DAO.
  • Describe and maintain an integrated plan that accounts for dependencies, differing delivery approaches, numerous constraints, and contingency for unplanned delays.
  • Coordinate resources, outlines priorities, and establish delivery milestones.
  • Proactively manage the end-to-end delivery of engineering works through organizations, reporting progress, ensuring dependencies are covered, and overseeing the gaps between teams, processes, and systems while removing all blocking issues leading to successful delivery.
  • Implement monitoring, logging, and alerting systems to proactively identify and resolve performance issues or potential failures.
  • Accelerate progress by driving crisp and timely decisions.
  • Foster a culture of automation, ensuring that manual tasks are minimized and operational efficiency is maximized.
  • Document system configurations, processes, and troubleshooting procedures to facilitate knowledge sharing and ensure continuity.
  • Transform raw thoughts into clear and concise communications.
  • Provide the correct information and associated data about the state of the project to the right audience at the right time.
  • Run effective meetings & you have experience in and understand distributed technologies.

Deliver independently but will occasionally seek direction from peers/managers.


  • Minimum of 3 years of experience working in crypto, playing an active role in Technical Project Management
  • Strong understanding of decentralized exchanges and systems
  • Strong analytical and technical skills
  • Ability to effectively review code in GO and Solidity
  • Strong communication skills
  • Public speaking capability with proven experience
  • Strong technical background with the ability to explain complex topics to audiences
  • Comfortable working remotely and independently with a global team
  • Proficient in English (Written and Verbal)
  • Entrepreneur at heart
  • Knowledge of dYdX products, DAOs, and the cryptocurrency ecosystem
  • Will pass a coding assessment on HackerRank as part of the interview process

If our job description speaks to you, but you don’t feel like you meet 100% of the requirements, apply anyway! While we believe we have a pretty good idea of what we need, we're ready for you to challenge our assumptions about who should fill this position.

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