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The term growth has become unavoidably toxic in our capitalist world - powered by the extraction and exploitation of people and communities in the name of money.

There is a clear need to subvert the system and enable a stakeholder-led, rather than shareholder-led world. Web3 technologies have opened the doors to a more collaborative, decentralised, and equitable future.

With these new tools, an opportunity emerges to reclaim power, redistribute influence, and redefine our relationship with growth - allowing you to own the decisions, actions, and value you create.

We're rebuilding our community from the ground up to create a place that encourages and nurtures this new definition of growth. It's based on mutual collaboration, conversation, and the needs of our community.

Our Social Token ($PRTN) will power this transformation, allowing you to create value, gain access, take ownership, and be in control - whilst also playing an exciting and important part in the future of Protein Community. (source)

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