Community Management Lead

Community Management Lead

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Gitcoin is looking to hire a Community Management Lead. This is a full-time position that is 100% remote.

This position has been closed

Open source software delivers billions of dollars per year in economic value, but those contributing often aren’t properly incentivized or compensated for their work. At Gitcoin, our mission is to build and fund digital public goods. We empower communities of builders to connect and work together to create the future of the open web. As of January 2022, we have helped developers, designers, and creators of all types raise or earn >$50mm to fund their open-source ecosystems by enabling the community and institutions to fund each other with cryptocurrencies such as Ether or DAI.

We are looking for a Community Lead to join GitcoinDAO Operations to support our community of contributors, stewards, and givers. If you care about Open Source Software and empowering builders, founders, and change agents, we want to talk to you.

We are looking for a highly skilled, self-managing, outspoken teamplayer comfortable in a frontier environment, who is ready to bring the quality of our Community Management to the next level.


Accountability: Raise expectations for how community management is conducted within DAOs


  • Set a DAO-wide community management standard that centers the community experience around the various types of GitcoinDAO contributors and visitors.
  • Remain up to date on the latest and best thinking surrounding contributor engagement, connection, and support.
  • Research, develop, and educate core contributors and the community managers in other workstreams of community management best practices
  • Use all moderation and interactions as input for level and structure logic optimization

Projects & Tasks

  • Help the workstreams in assigning and/or hiring highly skilled workstream community managers to welcome and guide visitors, new, and existing contributors.
  • Host weekly calls with community managers.
  • Develop a training deck for community managers.


  • Peer reviews
  • Active contributors user survey feedback

Accountability: Own & improve the content and engagement strategies of Discord, our main communication tool


  • Regular check-ins with workstream leads to map evolving needs for communication
  • Provide community feedback to workstream leads and stewards.
  • Organize and monitor moderation of workstream discord channels
  • Moderate all non-workstream channels and refer contributors and visitors to the right channels, pages, templates, and tools.
  • Use all moderation and interactions as input for level and structure logic optimization.

Projects & Tasks

  • Evaluation of the current Discord level logic and development of v2.0.
  • Continuous evaluation and optimization of roles as well as category and channel logic.
  • Documentation of current logic to help onboard future community managers.
  • Development of guidance for DAO Contributors in various roles.


  • Opt-in to and high levels of satisfaction with Discord as an internal communication tool by all workstreams.
  • Click through rates on Discord.
  • Daily/Weekly Discord server volume.

Accountability: Discord access management


  • Continuous improvement of the logic categories and access levels in the Gitcoin Discord server, working closely with the Community Experience Lead.
  • Be the go-to person for creation of channels and role assignments.
  • Be the go-to person for adding bots to our Discord.
  • Guarantee the overall security of our Discord server.

Projects & Tasks

  • Evaluation of current bots, mapping out current usage, and deleting or adding bots (as needed).
  • Creation of a clear protocol for requesting roles and channels.
  • Review of current power levels of various roles.
  • Continuous review of access to channels and roles
  • Review current role automation automations in close collaboration with Devops Lead
  • Set up an access dashboard in close collaboration with our devops lead


  • Active contributors user survey feedback

Accountability: Overview of all Discord data


  • Have a clear overview of all activity within Discord and have user activity data and reporting on changes by contributors at your disposal.

Projects & Tasks

  • Find technical solutions to have a logging channel for all DAO contributor permission changes.
  • Monitor user activity to be used as input for optimizations together with the MMM Growth lead.


  • DAO Contributor questions on data are answered within 24 hours.

Domains of Authority

  • Community Management team meetings
  • Discord


Relevant past experience, including:

  • Managing a web3 project or similar community .
  • Use of Discord within a DAO context or similar relevant experience.
  • Engaging various audiences across communication outlets, including online forums, social media platforms, in-person and online events.
  • Knowledge of web and engagement metrics.
  • Staying up to date on the latest ecosystem trends.
  • Building and maintaining relationships with the GitcoinDAO community and its partners.
  • Highly proficient in English, spoken and written.

About GitcoinDAO

Our core contributors:

  • Understand the ambitions and goals of GitcoinDAO, Ethereum and web3 in general and how they function on a high level.
  • Agree that a passionate, inclusive, collaborative team of missionaries always outperforms a loose group of individual mercenaries.
  • Are passionate about people and the transformative potential of open source software, blockchain, and disruptive technologies common in web3.
  • Get things done and when they can't get them done, communicate why and what they need to get unblocked.
  • Are persistent in the face of roadblocks. They take the initiative to fix issues.
  • Are comfortable jumping into an unfamiliar space and navigating uncertainty (and a little chaos).
  • Are committed to goals, sometimes determined by themselves and often determined collaboratively, and flexible on tactics.

If you don’t tick every box above, we’d still encourage you to apply. We’re building a diverse team whose skills balance and complement one another.

Note: Please include a short cover letter describing your relevant experience and your motivation for working at Gitcoin. Applications without this information will not be considered.

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