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Community Manager

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Forefront is looking to hire a remote Community Manager to join the team. This is a full-time position that is 100% remote.

This position has been closed

Are you obsessive about the art and science of community building? Do you think deeply on the psychology and mystery of human flourishing? Are you thrilled by the revolutionary potential of DAOs and Web3?

If so, Forefront’s Community Manager role is the incredible, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you must check out.

Community lies at the heart of everything we do at Forefront. Working side-by-side with our Community Lead, you will play an essential role supporting all aspects of our Community vision and activating the growth of one of the world’s leading DAOs.

You will literally be on the front lines of the growing global movement to re-imagine and revolutionize work, business and human coordination.

Responsibilities of the role

You will work intimately with the Community Lead & Culture Guild to support all aspects of our strategic vision: cultivating a deeply engaged, synergistic and empowered community around Forefront’s North Star.

In support of our Community vision, you will drive and manage day-to-day logistics and operations in:

  • Community programming & events, url & IRL
  • Member experience
  • Contributor development and growth
  • DAO & Community onboarding
  • Community concierge / Discord UX
  • Talent development: outreach, recruitment, diversity

You will be an excellent candidate if:

  • You have a passion or profound curiosity for Web3, social tokens, DAOs.
  • You are not afraid of the unknown or emergent and have honed trust in your intuition.
  • You are a proud generalist who is eager to learn and unlearn.
  • You thrive on fast-paced, iterative learning-by-doing.
  • You have previous operations experience.
  • You have previous experience cultivating and growing communities.
  • You have an intrinsic desire to build alongside a passionate, mission-driven team whose values align with yours.


All full-time roles are compensated via a mix of $USDC and $FF

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