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About Forefront

Forefront’s mission is to be the port of entry to web3, to welcome more and more boats to its shores and help those people find their own ways to build a better future. Web3’s rapid expansion will continue to make that mission more valuable and more complex. As the noise increases, we have to work harder and more efficiently to help people cut through it. By building products and a community that are better than the sum of their parts, we can continue to be one of the first DAOs people think of when they think of web3.

Contributing towards our mission means:

  • Pushing DAO operations forward at one of the world’s leading DAOs
  • Providing the leading insights and infrastructure platform for web3
  • Helping grow an engaged community of thousands of members

Working at Forefront

Working at Forefront is about being part of a passionate and mission-driven team, spanning people who have been in web3 since day 1 to those just beginning their journey. We believe in an “own it” mentality, and we value experimentation and a willingness to fail. Each of our guilds is free to form its own working culture, connected by the core team, by our mission, and by our $FF token.

Here at Forefront, we are not satisfied with merely observing and reporting on Web3.

We aim to pioneer, to shape, its very emergence.

Experimentation has always been a core value, but today, we are going a step further to build in public on what can be a fraught topic: contributor compensation.

DAOs can live up to their ethos of positive-sum, wagmi solidarity only if fundamental assumptions regarding work, compensation, and our responsibilities to one another are questioned and re-imagined.

Benefits & Perks

  • All full-time roles are compensated via a mix of $USDC and $FF
  • We also provide support with finding health insurance and other benefits.

Closed positions

Job Board

Community Manager
Product Designer
Editorial Lead
Product Lead
Full Stack Engineer