FWB Fellowships Lead

FWB Fellowships Lead

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Friends with Benefits is the ultimate cultural membership powered by a community of our favorite Web3 creatives, artists, and thinkers.

By holding $FWB tokens, you not only get access to major benefits from exclusive events, content, and community, but you are also literally invested in the community’s success, participating in the upside of the value we create together.

FWB is the leading cultural DAO with over 2000 community members around the world.

Role Description:

FWB originated from a place of creativity and discovery. Artists, writers, musicians, thinkers, and dreamers have been at the very heart of our community’s growth since its inception.

Many artists have limited resources when embarking on their careers and as the FWB token price fluctuates, it becomes challenging for them to join our community. The goal of the FWB Fellowship is to ensure that creatives, people of color, the underserved/under-represented, women, and LGBTQ(+) folks have access to FWB, and to help these Fellows launch their respective journeys into web3.

The FWB Fellowships Coordinator will manage the day-to-day operations of the FWB Fellowships, designing and implementing program content, nurturing the Fellows, and coordinating with mentors and partners to cultivate a space where the Fellows can flourish and unlock their creativity in the web3 paradigm, and ultimately share their gifts with the broader FWB community.


  • Support planning and execution of Fellowship events, ranging from speaker series with web3 leaders to office hours with Fellowship mentors to informal social events for Fellows.
  • Play a lead role in event communications and logistical planning, including budget tracking and overall project management.
  • Keep track of the Fellows’ progress, and manage a large volume of information related to all activities concerning Fellows.
  • Participate in the development of overall Individual Fellow Support strategy/goal setting; conduct research to support program design within associated budget.
  • Manage strategic communications with all Fellowship stakeholders including but not limited to: Fellows, Fellowship Mentors, Fellowship Benefactors, the FWB Core team, and the broader FWB community.


  • Determinant on part-time or full time capacity, and prior experience
  • FWB Tokens and / or USDC