FWB (Friends with Benefits)

FWB (Friends with Benefits)

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Friends with Benefits (FWB) is hiring for the following open positions

About Friends with Benefits (FWB)

Friends with Benefits is a growing social DAO with more than 3,000 engaged members—including artists, builders, and thinkers from all across the crypto and cultural sectors. Collectively, we’re on a mission to catalyze the power of Web3 as a tool for creating and making things happen.

We fulfill our mission by:

  • Making the concepts and tools of Web3 more accessible to cultural communities.
  • Building diverse spaces and experiences that creatively empower participants.
  • Developing tools, artworks, and products that showcase Web3’s potential.


  • SHARED IDENTITIES - Please introduce yourself in #introductions. Friends With Benefits thrives on trust, and we encourage everyone to share their background, specialties and interests to better foster conversations around member's expertise. Many of us change our handles to [FIRST NAME] - @[twitter] to aid this transparency, but it's optional to do so.
  • DIVERSITY - Unlike many other crypto communities, Friends With Benefits comes with members of all different backgrounds. Whether it be someone who's first experience in crypto was getting $FWB or someone who's been in the space for five ears, we encourage everyone to respect and acknowledge that this space welcomes opinions and questions of all forms.
  • INCLUSION - In Friends With Benefits, we're lucky to have a strong number of high-profile individuals with strong subject matter expertise in their respective fields. What's important to remember is that everyone is here to learn, meaning new members should be treated the exact same as someone who's a household name.
  • RESPONSIBILITY - Friends With Benefits is a largely self-policed community. This means while moderators won't actively monitor and police every message, but your voice and vibe can be precedent for penalties. Please do your best to keep a positive spirit and if you really aren't getting along with someone, battle it out in the DMs :)
  • PEACE OF MIND - Within Friends With Benefits, members can feel confident to share personal anecdotes and information that they may not feel comfortable sharing public. This means what's said in FWB stays in FWB. We encourage members to assume good faith and respect other's willingness to share their thoughts without having to worry that it could be used against them.

Working at FWB

As we build the future of Web3 together, there are many ways to engage with FWB on a deeper level—either as a member or contributor. Collaborating with FWB isn't like working for a traditional company. As a non-hierarchical organization, everything we do relies on active participation and community buy-in. All members have the opportunity to get involved with the DAO's governance, weigh in on existing projects, spin up creative proposals for the DAO to vote on, and receive funding for community-approved projects.

Taking it a step further, contributors are compensated for their dedicated work to help steward the DAO's ongoing initiatives and operations. Funded opportunities arise in harmony with the group's needs to help take our projects further, and vary based on the DAO's evolving priorities.

Each Season, FWB also hosts open calls for Cultural Contributors—including grantees, fellows, and artists-in-residence.

While all FWB initiatives are member-led, we also rely on dedicated contributors to fill various full-time and part-time roles within the organization. Contributors ensure successful onboarding for new members, create newsletters, write for our in-house editorial platform, engage new partnership opportunities, oversee the DAO's governance, and more.

While many contributors begin as FWB members, we welcome all applications. FWB is committed to working with people who have a diverse array of backgrounds and experiences.

Benefits & Perks

  • Competitive industry standard full-time compensation
  • Contributors are compensated in $FWB or $USDC, and will soon receive
  • Health benefits (coming soon!)

Closed positions

Design Lead at FWB
Design Marketing
Full Stack Developer at FWB
Engineering Community
Brand Designer at FWB
Product Design at FWB
Front-end / Creative Developer at FWB
Recruiter at FWB
Special Projects Manager - Cities
EventsProject ManagementMarketing
FWB Fellowships Lead
Product Manager
Backend Developer at FWB
Full Stack Developer at FWB
Graphic Design
Contributor Relations
Treasury Lead