Head of Investment & Partnerships at Merit Circle
Head of Investment & Partnerships at Merit Circle

Head of Investment & Partnerships at Merit Circle

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Merit Circle is hiring a Head of Investment & Partnerships to join the team.

This position has been closed

We are offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to a talented investment professional. You will get an opportunity to lead and grow the Investment & Partnerships department in a prominent Web3 organization. In this role, you will get to work closely with a variety of the most innovative Web3 projects. Your main focus will be sourcing and evaluating new investment opportunities. By finding the best risk-adjusted investment opportunities, the DAO will be able to strengthen its financial position and ensure sustainable growth. Another focus will be on managing partnerships and making sure that Merit Circle DAO gets the most out of its relationships with various portfolio companies, as well as creating synergies between the DAO and its partners. The opportunities that exist within each partnership will differ on a case by case basis. We are looking for someone who can determine where such opportunities exist, and communicate with projects and various stakeholders on a high level.

Working in a wider team of passionate contributors you will be expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner, as you will directly be representing Orange Pill and the Investment & Partnerships department on different occasions. You will also be working with our various external partners - funds, tax attorneys, legal attorneys, games, angel investors and Web3 projects. Your work will touch on many different domains within the DAO, as the organization is highly integrated across its different operational verticals. Everyone in our organization is expected to be hardworking and have a passion for the type of work our organization does. These are the absolute, and most basic traits, that we require from our team-members.

For this role, we are looking for someone who possesses strong analytical skills, an ability to evaluate investment opportunities and has significant investment experience in either a fund or an organization with a significant investment arm, preferably within gaming and/or Web3. In this role we require someone that understands the gaming industry. Further, we look for someone who is an ambitious networker with a high EQ; a person to whom it is second nature to connect with people and connect people to others. We expect a degree of independence in this role, you should be comfortable leading projects and working remotely, including working on projects by yourself, as well as having the confidence to delegate tasks and using your skill set in combination with the skill sets of other people in our organization. In this position we require a strong negotiator who knows how to get the best deals and is not afraid to push back against partners or external service providers when it is in the interest of the DAO. Moreover, the person must have the capacity to determine which deals and partnerships to avoid, taking into consideration multiple angles, including the direct financial angle and indirect angles such as synergies, opportunity costs and reputation.

Lastly, this role puts you in a position of trust, therefore integrity, loyalty and trustworthiness are essential components in this role.

This role presents a promising growth trajectory. Once you prove yourself as a good investment analyst and team manager, you will lead the department and take on increasingly more responsibilities. This is expected to be a growing department and if your contribution results in growth of revenue and the department itself, there will be ample opportunity for progression both in your professional development and financial compensation.

You day to day activities will include the following:

  • Leading the Investment & Partnerships team
  • Sourcing and evaluating investment opportunities
  • Developing and improving upon existing investment frameworks
  • Training and motivating the Investment & Partnerships team
  • Communicating and managing relationships with partners of the DAO
  • Support in optimizing the treasury management strategy
  • Collaborating with internal teams across the spectrum of DAO activities


  • 3+ years of experience in working in a decision making role for an investment organization or fund.
  • Willingness to take responsibility for and ownership of the investment team’s activities
  • Above basic knowledge of cryptocurrency, NFTs, and/or blockchain technology
  • Background with substantial personal gaming or work in the gaming industry
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Ability to form and maintain relationships with other organizations
  • Good communication skills
  • Professional discretion and experience working with sensitive and confidential proprietary information
  • Excellent English speaking and writing proficiency
  • Proactive and flexibly available if and when required

Strong pluses:

  • Game investment experience
  • Venture investment experience
  • 1-3+ years of web3 work experience
  • Network of contacts within web3 and/or the gaming industry
  • Experience in coding, technical background
  • Passion for or deep interest in web3 and/or fintech
  • Experience in data analytics and/or financial modeling
  • Experience in reading and evaluating financial statements
  • Experience in corporate structuring
  • Experience in reading and drafting contracts
  • Professional qualifications (CFA, CAIA, CA or others)
  • Team management skills
  • Learning mindset


  • Competitive salary
  • Fully remote role with full operation and creative freedom - manage your hours / work in a way that suits you
  • Unlimited vacation
  • Company stock options (tokens)
  • Access to potential financial opportunities that are not directly part of the compensation package
  • Rapid expansion of a valuable professional network
  • Work in a high-growth sector for a high-growth company
  • Fun, innovative and dynamic team
  • Annual company retreat
  • Budget towards learning and development

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