Product Lead

Product Lead

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The next wave of DAOs will be heavily focused on products, and Forefront is well positioned to be one of the leading DAOs in that space. This role is about building and executing a vision for a product at Forefront, including finding synergies between our other pillars of community and content. We are building at the leading edge of web3 which means this role will need to take a very experimental and entrepreneurial approach. This is a transformative opportunity for Forefront, and it will have access to resources from across the DAO to go out and do something great.

This position has been closed

Responsibilities of this role

  • Build and clearly communicate Forefront’s product strategy, working with the core team and other contributors. Make it simple, make it actionable, and then make it happen.
  • Ruthlessly prioritize the most important projects and make those priorities clear to others on the team. Develop those priorities via thinking about the DAO holistically, including the work planned in other areas and guilds.
  • Manage projects end to end, including working with devs and other creatives and stakeholders to ship and scale world class products.
  • Establish the process for product development at Forefront - the rituals, the frameworks, and the culture.
  • Hire and coordinate the development team, thinking ahead to ensure we meet our commitments on time.

You have

  • Strong product intuition and experience in a product related role (design, engineering, product, consulting, etc)
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills - you can sell a vision and work with a team to deliver it
  • Experimental and outcome oriented mindset - you are motivated by pushing the envelope, moving at pace, and innovating
  • Deep and genuine interest in Web3, social tokens, DAOs, etc.
  • Clear strategic thinking and prioritization abilities