Senior Brand Designer at DIA DAO
Senior Brand Designer at DIA DAO

Senior Brand Designer at DIA DAO

DIA DAO is looking to hire Senior Brand Designer to join the team

This position has been closed

When DIA launched in 2018, it leveraged a community of incentivised developers to source and validate data. This was only the start — a core part of DIA’s mission is to decentralise the organisation and enable a diversely skilled community of like-minds that self-organises to create value for the project. In short: To become a DAO.

Our Goal:To build a formal framework to enable the DIA community to support the growth and development of DIA and to earn rewards while doing so. The inception of this ‘Work DAO’ is a major milestone in the journey to a fully matured DAO.

Benefits of the DIA DAO:You can earn $ETH and XP points for each bounty completed. Additionally, DIA tokens are an extra layer of reward to enable participation in governance and other on-site utilities. However, DIA DAO has real intangible benefits. You can learn about Web3 and develop your skills, shape the future of DIA DAO, gain new connections in the ecosystem, become a creator in the data layer of the web3 economy, and many more.

Job requirements

DIA DAO Senior Brand Designer

We are looking for a motivated, proactive senior brand designer to develop the brand and operations of the DIA DAO Design Guild. Becoming a senior brand designer requires knowledge of market trends, an ability to lead, plan, and interact with stakeholders, and creative skills. While the position will be execution-oriented initially, the role will quickly transition into a managerial and operational position, and become the driving force of the DIA DAO Design Guild.

Job Description

Initially, the role will be strongly focused on marketing and graphic design work to establish a new brand for the DIA DAO. This includes developing and producing visual brand materials and templates to be published across multiple channels. It will require working closely with the Copywriting Guild to establish brand continuity and public recognition as well as create consistency across all marketing platforms.

Quickly, the candidate will transition into a management role, focusing on building and leading a high-quality, well-organised decentralised team of DAO designers. In this phase, the candidate will oversee the work of DAO contributors and provide constructive feedback to ensure high-quality content is produced. Additionally, the candidate will develop optimal end-to-end processes to ensure a smooth working team.

Responsibilities Phase one:

  • Participate in the DIA marketing process from start to finish.
  • Establish a new brand for the DIA DAO together with core team members.
  • Developing and producing creative brand design materials and templates to reach consumers with appealing and informative graphic materials

Phase two:

  • Oversee all marketing initiatives to ensure that images and messages appropriately contribute to brand identity.
  • Review marketing materials of DAO contributors to ensure quality, brand accuracy and continuity.
  • Design optimal process to ensure a smoothly operating team ready to scale.


The candidate must be creative a individual who has the capacity to turn their visualizations into comprehensive designs. They must be able to work collectively with communications professionals, clients, and senior staff members. The candidate must understand their target markets and develop innovative strategies to reach them.

Since the role will quickly transition into a managerial position, strong managerial and operational skills are a must-have. There are often, a variety of projects with different deadlines, so the candidate must be able to multitask and remain organized. This position requires knowledge of various design software: Figma and Adobe Creative Suite.

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