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Financial Analyst
Finance Data
Sr. Brand Designer
Design Marketing

About 0x

At 0x Labs, our mission is to create a tokenized world where all value can flow freely. We’re a mission-driven and diverse team composed of world class talent from Coinbase, Google, Meta, Bitso, Citi, Spotify and other top companies. We are a remote-first and fully distributed company, with team members located across all of the continents besides Antarctica. As early pioneers in the space, we’ve made significant technical contributions to various Ethereum standards over the years; fun fact - our team helped establish the NFT token standard (ERC721).

Founded in 2017, 0x Labs created and now partakes in the development of 0x protocol: the open-source, global backbone for decentralized exchange. Alongside the core protocol, we also build and maintain products and service offerings including Matcha, the search engine for tokens, and 0x API, the endpoint for multi-chain aggregated liquidity. All of these offerings allow 0x Labs to continue marching towards our vision of building a tokenized world where all value can flow freely at the best prices and with the lowest transaction costs. This way, we can help businesses eliminate the complexity of accessing decentralized markets across all layers of the Web3 exchange stack and have more time to focus on what matters most: their product.

0x currently supports 7 major blockchains: Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche, Optimism, BNB Chain, and Celo, and the 0x ecosystem has been rapidly expanding. With integrations across all of the top wallets and apps, including MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet and Coinbase NFT, Polygon Wallet, Brave, Matcha, dYdX, Zapper, Zerion, and Shapeshift, 0x is fast becoming the trusted standard for all decentralized exchange.

Benefits & Perks

💸  Competitive salary and equity with occasional cryptocurrency-based perks

🏥  Comprehensive insurance (medical/dental/vision/life/disability) — 100% covered for you and dependents

🏦  401k, HSA, and FSA for U.S.-based employees

📞  Monthly mobile phone bill, wellness, and pre-tax transportation expense

🧘🏻‍♀️  Covered mental health benefits (included professional therapy sessions)

⚖️  Flexible hours, liberal work-from-home policy, and a supportive remote environment

🍽  Lunch reimbursement for all employees across the globe!

🏡  Stipend for your ideal remote / WFH set-up: laptop, headphones, and any other work gear you may need

👶  12-week paid parental leave

🏢  Great office conveniently located in Soma/East Cut, SF

🏖  Unlimited vacation: Take time when you need it (and we really mean it)

🤝  Multiple annual in-person team meet-ups around the globe

Our core values

Our core values guide hiring, product, and organizational decisions. They are derived from the principles we have followed since 0x began. Our values might seem like common sense (and frankly, they are) but we believe passion, persistence, and a strong sense of ethics allow our organization to best serve our community.

1. Do the right thing

We hold ourselves to a high moral standard as individuals and as an organization.

We are creating an entirely new paradigm for global exchange, and over time, envision 0x protocol serving as the rails for the exchange of many trillions of dollars in tokenized assets. As stewards of global financial infrastructure, we must think carefully about our actions and always act judiciously. Even seemingly small decisions we make today can radically alter the economies and power structures of tomorrow. It’s our duty to deploy resources responsibly in service of our mission.We are united by the belief that decentralized networks will serve as an equalizing force in the world. With time, governance over the protocol’s development will itself become decentralized, driven by stakeholders. We strive to empower this ecosystem to create a more just, equitable future.

We acknowledge the broad subjectivity behind doing “the right thing,” and are committed to rigorously exploring its nuance in our decision making. We believe this responsibility drives our decision making above all else, and pledge to act in the best interest of our peers, community, and society as a whole.

2. Consistently ship

Achieving our mission requires dedication and diligence. We aspire to be an organization that consistently ships. We set high-impact goals that are rooted in data and pride ourselves in consistently outputting outstanding results across the organization. Clear dialogue and metrics ensure our team has the best information available to them in order to efficiently execute on their tasks, no matter where they are in the world.We also believe in enjoying life. We recognize that we are only at our best when we’re rested, fulfilled, and taken care of in matters both inside and outside of work. We afford our team a great deal of trust in how they manage their affairs, and value output and impact over hours on the clock. We will always foster an inclusive environment that encourages growth, psychological safety, balance, and health.

3. Focus on long-term impact

The societal implications of a decentralized financial system will take time to manifest. It’s crucial that we remain focused on long-term impact and measure our progress over sufficiently long time scales. We value deep intellectual curiosity. We celebrate creativity and the consideration of diverse viewpoints, and understand that we must be in a constant state of learning in a field as rapidly evolving as ours. We are committed to leading by example, making decisions without ego and accepting responsibility when we are wrong.

We anticipate that over time, awareness of the fundamentally disruptive nature of frictionless global exchange will cause some to see this technology as a threat. There will be setbacks, some will claim that this technology is too disruptive, and we will face adversity. Persistence and a healthy long-term focus will see us through these battles.

Working at 0x

In joining us, you'll take part in transforming the way that value is exchanged on a global scale. We're passionate about open-source software and decentralized technology's potential to act as an equalizing force in the world, and our technology is deployed by a wide array of projects at the forefront of internet and economic advancement.

0x Tech Stack

We don’t care much about your experience with our stack (or any specific stack); we care far more that someone has solid fundamentals, is generally intelligent, has strong learning agility, and is an overall upstanding human. We understand it takes time to ramp, and we’re happy to invest with the right person if necessary.That said, we’re excited about the rapidly evolving tech we’re building on. It includes:

  • Next.js
  • React (we use Hooks heavily!)
  • TypeScript
  • react-spring and react-use-gesture for high-performance animations and interactions
  • styled-components
  • AlchemyAPI and ethers 5.0 for interacting with Ethereum
  • Vercel for continuous deployment and infrastructure

Closed jobs at 0x

Product Marketing Manager at 0x
Marketing Product Management
Content Manager at 0x
SRE - Production Engineer at 0x
Head of Business Development and Sales at 0x
Software Engineer - Backend at 0x
Senior Software Engineer - Platform Engineering at 0x
Software Engineer - Full-Stack, Matcha at 0x
Engineering Product
DevOps Engineer at 0x
Engineering Operations
Growth Product Manager, Matcha at 0x
Product Growth
Product Marketing Manager, Matcha at 0x
Data Engineer at 0x
Data Scientist at 0x
Product Designer at 0x
Social Lead at 0x
Social MediaContent
Executive Assistant at 0x
Integrator Support Manager - 0x API at 0x
Software Engineer - Backend (Campus) at 0x
Software Engineer - Full-Stack (Campus) at 0x
Sr. Finance Analyst at 0x
Growth Associate - 0x API
Social Lead
MarketingSocial Media
Content Manager
Sr. Account Manager — 0x API, web3
Account ManagementSalesOperations
Smart Contract Engineer - Protocol at 0x
Research Engineer - Governance at 0x
Smart Contract Engineer - Governance
Product Manager - Data
Product Marketing Manager - 0x API
General Counsel
Software Engineer — Periscope Trading
Software Engineer - Full-Stack at 0x
Software Engineer - Front-End at 0x
Software Engineer — Blockchain
Software Engineer - Back-End at 0x
Senior Software Engineer // Head of DeFi
Head of Data
VP of Engineering
DevOps Engineer (Data) at 0x

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