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What is DAOmatch?

DAOs are changing how we work, collaborate and participate in the success of our efforts. Traditional job networks are not well suited for DAOs, so we created DAOmatch to help match talent with DAOs and web3 companies that govern via a DAO.

How do I recommend a DAO?

Submit DAO recommendations ➡️ here

How do DAOs match with talent?

Let us know how we can help make a match ➡️ here

How do I provide feedback or a correction?

Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive resource of DAOs to improve our match rates, so please let us know how we can improve. Submit feedback ➡️ here

Core Contributors

Blake Hayward - Builder, advisor and investor

Li Jin - General Partner & Co-Founder at Variant Fund, a first-check venture fund investing in the Ownership Economy.

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