PubDAO is a Media DAO, focused on using Web3 to create a better path for online content. While utilizing Web3 to build products focused on improving the way we create Media.

Think of PubDAO, initially, as akin to a decentralized Associated Press.

The decentralized wire service is merely the first part of a broader plan for PubDAO that will ultimately produce guilds made up of writers, editors, photographers, illustrators, advertisers, and marketers. Those guilds—and an evolving set of protocols—will reduce the cost and friction in online publishing. (source)

How to get involved

📝  Contribute

💬  Join Discord and go through the onboarding process that begins in the #start-here channel. It will direct you into one of our guilds, based on the type of work you'd like to contribute. You can find more information on the guilds below, as well as in their respective guild pages.

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