Product Manager at PartyDAO
Product Manager at PartyDAO

Product Manager at PartyDAO

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PartyDAO is looking to hire a Product Manager to join the team.

This position has been closed

You’ll work with the entire team to build original new features, balancing creative product thinking and a strong focus on process.

  • You’ll bring originality and creative thinking to the team, influencing broad product direction and fine UX details
  • You’ll manage team workflows to make sure we ship efficiently without being overburdened by process
  • You’ll help with prioritization of different projects and features, deciding how to sequence work based on the team’s priorities
  • You’ll work closely with designers to create new features and functionality, working from brainstorming ideas to a polished design
  • You’ll work closely with engineers to talk through implementation details and intended behaviors, ensuring a high quality end product


  • 3+ years of professional product management or design experience
  • Deep familiarity with Figma and modern project management tools
  • Strong product intuition and ability to originate or iterate on new ideas
  • Strong written communication and collaboration skills
  • Engineering experience a plus

About PartyDAO

PartyDAO exists to make crypto multiplayer. We believe this technology is inherently social, with the potential to unlock new kinds of coordination that have never been possible before. To this end, PartyDAO builds software that helps groups of people coordinate together around shared goals.

As an organization, we deliberately pursue protocol work and product work side-by-side. We believe that powerful new products are created when protocol design influences product experience, and vice versa.

As we pursue this work, we prioritize building something powerful, flexible, and fun; we want our work to have an impact. To us, that also means a focus on originality - we’re not here to chase the inevitable. Instead, we aim to bring products to market that give people entirely new capabilities.

Benefits & Perks

  • Competitive compensation in both USDC and tokens
  • Full medical insurance coverage
  • Unlimited vacation, with a team that encourages using it
  • 12 week parental leave
  • Home office stipend (computer, monitor, desk chair, headphones, etc.)
  • A remote-first working environment - overlap with North American time zone
  • A team that values companionship and adventure

If you’re interested in hearing more about this role, please reach out at with a resume and any relevant projects.

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