Senior Product Designer

Senior Product Designer

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Gitcoin is looking to hire a Senior Product Designer. This is a full-time position that is 100% remote.

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About Us:

Open source software delivers billions of dollars per year in economic value, but those contributing often aren’t properly incentivized or compensated for their work. At Gitcoin, our mission is to build and fund digital public goods. We empower communities of builders to connect and work together to create the future of the open web. As of January 2022, we have helped developers, designers, and creators of all types raise or earn >$50mm to fund their open-source ecosystems by enabling the community and institutions to fund each other with cryptocurrencies such as Ether or DAI.

About Grants:

Gitcoin built one of the first Quadratic Funding (QF) mechanisms implemented in the Ethereum ecosystem. The results of the product speak for itself. It was built in a centralized way which greatly accelerated the ability to iterate, make decisions and focus on impact through experimentation. Today, the centralized platform hosts Grants Rounds quarterly, primarily for the Ethereum community, and nearly a dozen related/reliant ecosystems. With this success as a proofpoint, we are on a mission to build and scale a distributed platform for novel funding mechanisms for the optimal distribution of capital to projects and ecosystems that build public goods.

We have developed a prototype of a protocol that will bring Grants into it’s decentralized future. In 2022 the Grants team will be focused on designing and developing the next generation of Grants user interfaces that will serve to not only continue running our fully hosted grants program, but will enable any ecosystem to self-service the running of their own grants program. We aspire to do for public goods funding what Wordpress did for blogging.

About the Role:

We are looking for a Senior Product Designer to join our team - guiding our product evolution into the decentralized world. This person will work directly with our internal product and engineering teams to ensure we are building products the ecosystem loves in a way that introduces and enforces our web3 ethos.

  • Participate and iterate in an end-to-end Product Design process including research, UX, and UI
  • Advocate for the importance of lean and agile methodologies as they pertain to Product Design
  • Collaborate with product and engineering to define and improve the product design process
  • Produce high quality sketches, wireframes, and mockups at various degrees of fidelity, as necessary throughout a lean design process
  • Utilize both data and intuition to help us be better informed in our decisions
  • Improve and maintain the Gitcoin design system and collaborating with engineering to get the system implemented into code
  • Use collaborative technologies like Figma and Miro to visualize ideas and create beautiful, functional interfaces

About You:

  • 4+ years of Product Design experience. Founding and/or start up designer experience is a plus.
  • You consider yourself a “Player Coach”. Ready to roll up your sleeves where necessary, but able to mentor and lead when the opportunity arises.
  • You agree that a passionate, inclusive, collaborative team of missionaries always outperforms a loose group of individual mercenaries.
  • You have a bias towards action. You get things done. When you can't get them done, you communicate why and what you need to get unblocked.
  • You are persistent in the face of roadblocks. You take the initiative to fix issues.
  • You’re in the pursuit of mastering your design craft and consider yourself well on your way towards the top of your game.
  • You’re comfortable jumping into an unfamiliar space and navigating uncertainty (and a little chaos).
  • You’re committed to goals, sometimes determined by yourself and often determined collaboratively, and flexible on tactics.
  • You enjoy giving voice to the people who use what we build.
  • You have experience working directly with product managers, engineers, and stakeholders to ship working software.
  • You’re able to rapidly build user flows and wireframes in your design tool of choice.
  • You’re comfortable with lean, agile environments.

We believe that our team’s diversity is a strength. Ensuring our team is made up of people from all different backgrounds will lead to the strongest, most performant teams. We welcome applicants from any and all backgrounds.

I am an experienced designer but I haven’t worked with Web3, crypto, or DeFi before... should I apply? Yes! This is a new and growing space. If you are passionate about learning new things and excited to dive into a new, expanding field, come grow with us!

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