PieDAO is hiring for the following open positions

About PieDAO

PieDAO is one of the largest DAOs in Ethereum and it’s committed to building a self-driving Wealth Creation Machine by creating tokenized portfolios with automated yield optimization.

Core Principles:

  • Courage & Ownership : Changing the financial future of million will not be easy task and for this reason courage is the first and more important of all virtues. We need to breed bravery in the organisation, to have the courage to do what it takes to set a bold course for the future, to engage in a courageous conversation, and to be decisive in uncertainty.
  • Accessibility and Financial Inclusion : The open financial system has to be accessible to anyone with an internet connection. PieDAO’s products need to be usable from small holders to whales.
  • Financial Transparency : Decentralised financial services are not be built in opaque silos. Informations are transparent and auditable to all participants.

Benefits & Perks

A competitive DOUGH (governance token) package will be offered, in addition to the base compensation indicated.

Closed positions

Smart Contract Engineer
Product Manager
Business Development Representative