Chief Barketing Officer - Doge NFT

Chief Barketing Officer - Doge NFT

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PleasrDAO is looking for a Chief Barketing Officer to lead the marketing of the Doge NFT

This position has been closed

Love dogs? Love doge? Love scaling crypto communities? Well, step right up. Your dream job awaits. We are building your first-class ticket to doge entertainment.

The Doge NFT ($DOG) community is looking for a growth hacker and marketer to help us propel the creme de la creme NFT from provenance to prominence.

We are looking for someone who’s built and scaled crypto projects and communities as well as can tackle weekly growth experiments with urgency and a results-oriented approach who will work closely with a remote decentralized team.

A quick backstory of our project:

You will:

  1. Unleash the Doge Kraken. As a 6-month-old project, growing The Doge NFT’s top-of-funnel awareness and education is imperative. We are the OG doge meme turned into an NFT. It’s backed. It’s a coined meme, not a meme coin. We are frens with Dogecoin, but we also need to differentiate (one example). So you’ll need to bring your moonshot growth ideas to the table and execute a plan for blowing up $DOG awareness via new high impact marketing initiatives as well as utilizing our existing foundation of content.
  2. Meme la Internet. Otherwise known as a social media/content manager, we’ll need you to keep a pulse on everything memes while interjecting the Doge gospel on a consistent schedule through channels like Twitter, Spaces, TikTok, Reddit, and wherever potential doge lovers may congregate. See all our socials here.
  3. Make Frens. We’ll need you to build and track partnership opportunities, influencer collaborations, and other novel approaches to reaching a wider, 1:many audiences that are interested in crypto, memes, and NFTs. Network effects, y’all. Some friends we’ve already made: Dogecoin Foundation, Unstoppable Domains, Dank Bank, MoonDAO, Decentraland, Nifty Island, Sandbox, Bassjackers, Shopify.
  • Bring da Heat. We want to grow, fast. You should foster a strong sense of urgency and work quickly and closely with The Doge NFT team (community managers, design, tech) to collaborate on executing daily/weekly growth marketing initiatives with a stop/start mentality so time is spent on what’s working the best.
  • Lead w/ Data. Define and track key performance indicators and use these to report on your strategies and campaigns to the rest of the team, community, and DAO. Some things we track: cross-chain holders, social followers, press/blog/podcast mentions, Twitter impressions, community member engagement.
  • Solution-Orientated. Bumps in the road are inevitable, but we work together to find the best way forward. Resilience is key. We must overcome, stay positive, and keep buidling. We are, after all, stewarding one of the most incredible crypto communities of all time. We get shit done, and we embody high empathy for each other. We are doge fam.

You have:

  • Love (and much wow) for Doge and its values of wholesome fun and doing good every day
  • Drive and hunger to take initiative with a strong sense of urgency
  • Next-level communication skills and organization (you’ll be working across Discord, Telegram, Gmail, Notion, Airtable)
  • Great people skills and can understand what makes them tick
  • Knowledge and enthusiasm for Web3 and memes
  • Strong time management skills and ability to run multiple work streams
  • Continuous value-add through effective project management, ruthless prioritization, and efficient execution.
  • Mission-driven mindset (we like to think with Ethereum values and NFT creativity)

Other notes: This is an individual marketing role dependent on experience on a small, lean team. It is fully remote with quarterly team retreats. Salary will be paid in crypto (partially or wholly in $DOG depending on scope). We are flexible with arrangements, including PT, FT, or project/trial work to get comfy with each other. Reach out to with any questions.

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