Growth Manager at Story DAO
Growth Manager at Story DAO

Growth Manager at Story DAO

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Story DAO is looking to hire a Growth Manager to join the team.

This position has been closed

StoryCo is a pioneering entertainment platform that enables storytellers to easily create and publish multimedia stories, engage and build a fan base, and build these stories into expansive universes leveraging the creative powers and ideas of their community. StoryCo is launching the platform with THE DISCO BALL - an immersive and interactive sci-fi epic experience that signifies the creation of a brand-new category of entertainment that StoryCo is developing, leveraging internet communities and modern technology. Backed by a diverse group of investors in art, media, gaming, entertainment, and technology, StoryCo is reshaping the entertainment landscape by bringing fans closer to the stories they love.

The Job

As Growth Manager for Story DAO, you will develop the strategies and drive the execution that will build global audiences* for the organization and each of its franchise properties. You will divide your time between the worlds of Web2 (social media, content marketing, adTech, etc.) and Web3 (where community engagement becomes community ownership) while collaborating with a wide range of team members, token holders, partners and vendors. Initially, you will focus primarily on organic posting and growth, but will also spend judiciously on sponsored content and partnerships – and will grow that budget commensurate with ROAS.

Key responsibilities:

  • Audience Segmentation & Targeting – Build user personas for each audience segment (above), including demographics, media usage and other information needed to build a social and comm’s strategy
  • Social media marketing – Prioritize and manage key social channels (ie, Twitter, TikTok, Discord, etc.) including content strategies and execution for each
  • Influencer & referral marketing – Incorporate Story DAO Producer Token holders, existing followers and targeted external influencers to build a vibrant word of mouth and referral channel
  • Campaign management – in tight collaboration with the marketing, product and community teams, build a wholistic campaign plan and calendar for each new franchise launch to maximize exposure and SOV during the 1st week, and keep building thereafter
  • Learn fast, learn well – align the organization around the key KPI’s for audience growth, use a/b testing and other methodologies to optimize creative, channels, targeting and other variables; own reporting on outcomes and constantly iterate based on new data
  • Best practices – continually monitor relevant Web2 and Web3 properties, and published research for growth best practices, and quickly incorporate same into our media roadmap
  • Be DOA-ful – at all times, focus on creating maximum value for our community, executing in the most inclusive and collaborative manner possible
  • Audiences include: creators (for a living), engagers (hobbyists) and passionate fans; in addition, each franchise will have distinct audiences, based on its genre and other attributes

Benefits & Perks: Coming Soon

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