StoryCo (Formerly Story DAO)

StoryCo (Formerly Story DAO)

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About StoryCo (formerly Story DAO)

StoryCo is a pioneering entertainment platform that enables storytellers to easily create and publish multimedia stories, engage and build a fan base, and build these stories into expansive universes leveraging the creative powers and ideas of their community. StoryCo is launching the platform with THE DISCO BALL - an immersive and interactive sci-fi epic experience that signifies the creation of a brand-new category of entertainment that StoryCo is developing, leveraging internet communities and modern technology. Backed by a diverse group of investors in art, media, gaming, entertainment, and technology, StoryCo is reshaping the entertainment landscape by bringing fans closer to the stories they love.

Working at Story DAO

Our mission is to unlock the potential of every creator and fan around the world by building an open Hollywood production studio where communities can come together to create, contribute to, and ultimately become co-owners of the next generation of story franchises.

Benefits & Perks: Coming Soon

Closed jobs at Story DAO

Social Media Manager at StoryCo
Social Media
Content Marketing Manager at Story DAO
Growth Manager at Story DAO
Web3 NFT Market Analyst
Team Coordinator
Head of Community
Full Stack Developer at Story DAO
Director of Engineering

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