Marketing Operations Manager

Marketing Operations Manager

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Gitcoin is looking to hire a Marketing Operations Manager. This is a full-time position that is 100% remote.

This position has been closed

Public goods, including open source software, deliver billions of dollars per year in economic value, but those contributing often aren’t properly incentivized or compensated for their work. Our mission at Gitcoin is to grow and sustain public goods. We have helped people building public goods in Web3 & beyond raise over $50M by enabling institutions and the community to fund each other with cryptocurrency. Gone are the days of relying on user-extraction models to build and sustain products that are so common in web2.

We are looking to bring on a Marketing Ops Manager to lead marketing operations for our Ecosystem & Cause Rounds. If you’re a public-goods-loving marketer with a passion for helping others clearly & effectively communicate their messages – we want to talk to you.This role will be integrated in GitcoinDAO’s Public Goods Funding (PGF) workstream. PGF’s goal is to help push the mission above forward by increasing interest in public goods at large, and increasing funding to public goods via Gitcoin Grants.

Learn more about Gitcoin Grants through our website and through this overview blog.


  • Deeply understand the Gitcoin Grants product and how it can provide value to Web3 ecosystems
  • Leading up to each quarterly grants round, work with the Grants Ops team – especially the Account Managers – to understand all the rounds we’re running and the objectives of the partners
  • Work with each Account Manager & Cause Round Manager to develop a marketing plan for their rounds to both grantees and individual donors, and partner with MMM to execute on those plans
  • Help partners execute on marketing plans targeted at both grantees and individual donors, across different marketing channels with primary focus on Twitter, Discord, Telegram and Partners existing grant network
  • Define what design assets we need for each grants round & build out runbooks to make the design creation process simpler & more repeatable
  • Own the process for creation of design assets for a grants round, providing clear intent & timelines for our Designer and ensuring all relevant stakeholders are involved in the process (you will not need design skills but to own the relationship with our Designer)
  • Own display on the grants website for each round – update the system before each round to make sure all banners are up-to-date with appropriate partner logos and correct round amounts, Twitter unfurls are updated, etc., and lead the testing of all of this with the Product team
  • Collaborate with other PGF, MMM, and Product team members in making all of this more scalable & impactful – e.g., building out runbooks to do all of this better and improve marketing for our rounds overall


  • Proven work experience in a marketing focused role
  • Excellent communicator and creative on-your-feet problem-solver
  • Ability to lead, coordinate across teams, and operate in an unstructured environment
  • Self-starter able to work independently, meet deadlines, and fulfill expectations
  • Basic understanding of the Ethereum ecosystem, open source software, and the public goods ethos
  • Solid organization skills including attention to detail
  • Bonus: experience in a marketing role that focused on Twitter and Discord as key marketing channels
  • Bonus: Strong network & existing relationships in the Web3 community

Time Commitment

We’d ideally like to hire full-time contributors. That said, for the right talent, we’re willing to be flexible in onboarding contributors in a part-time capacity with an eye to a more dedicated engagement. Let’s talk.

About GitcoinDAO

Our core contributors:

  • Understand the ambitions and goals of GitcoinDAO, Ethereum and web3 in general and how they function on a high level.
  • Agree that a passionate, inclusive, collaborative team of missionaries always outperforms a loose group of individual mercenaries.
  • Are passionate about people and the transformative potential of open source software, blockchain, and disruptive technologies common in web3.
  • Get things done and when they can't get them done, communicate why and what they need to get unblocked.
  • Are persistent in the face of roadblocks. They take the initiative to fix issues.
  • Are comfortable jumping into an unfamiliar space and navigating uncertainty (and a little chaos).
  • Are committed to goals, sometimes determined by themselves and often determined collaboratively, and flexible on tactics.

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