DAOs are Hiring

DAOs are hiring are across the following teams:

Account Manager — 0x API, web3
DevOps Engineer at 0x
Executive Assistant at 0x
Integrator Support Manager - 0x API at 0x
Product Designer at 0x
Research Engineer - Governance at 0x
Smart Contract Engineer - Protocol at 0x
Social Lead at 0x
Software Engineer - Back-End at 0x
Software Engineer - Backend (Campus) at 0x
Software Engineer - Front-End at 0x
Software Engineer - Full-Stack (Campus) at 0x
Software Engineer - Full-Stack at 0x
Sr. Finance Analyst at 0x
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Aave
Creator Community Development - Manager at Aave
HR Generalist at Aave
Product Manager - Web3 Social Media at Aave
Senior Backend Engineer, FinTech - Aave
Senior Frontend Engineer Web3 at Aave
Senior Fullstack Engineer, Fintech at Aave
Senior QA Automation Engineer at Aave
Senior Smart Contract Engineer at Aave
Smart Contract Auditor at Aave
Talent Partner - Employer Brand & Partnerships at Aave
UX Researcher at Aave
Executive Assistant at AllianceDAO
Open Application at AllianceDAO
Product Manager, DeFi & TradFi at Aptos
Business Development Lead - Financial Services at Aptos
Business Development Lead - Gaming at Aptos
Business Development Lead - Media, Entertainment, & Social Networks at Aptos
Data Engineer at Aptos
Data Scientist at Aptos
Developer Relations Manager at Aptos
Director of Finance & Accounting at Aptos
Foundation Manager at Aptos
Front End Engineer at Aptos
General Application at Aptos
HR Manager at Aptos
Marketing Communications at Aptos
Marketing Lead, APAC at Aptos
Operations Program Manager at Aptos
Product Manager, Media/Entertainment at Aptos
Product Manager, Nodes at Aptos
Product Manager, Wallet at Aptos
Product Manager, Social Networks at Aptos
Product Marketing Manager at Aptos
Production Engineer at Aptos
Product Designer, Wallet at Aptos
Product Designer, Web Platforms at Aptos
Product Manager, Gaming at Aptos
Program Manager, Aptos Accelerator at Aptos
React Native Engineer at Aptos
Research Scientist at Aptos
Social Media & Content Manager at Aptos
Software Engineer, Programming Languages at Aptos
Software Engineer, Ecosystem at Aptos
Software Engineer, Smart Contracts at Aptos
Software Engineer, Storage at Aptos
Technical Writer, Web3 at Aptos
Visual Designer at Aptos
Software Engineer - Backend at Audius
Software Engineer - Frontend at Audius
Software Engineer - Full Stack at Audius
Software Engineer - Infrastructure & Tooling at Audius
Software Engineer - Smart Contracts (Solana, Ethereum) at Audius
Senior Frontend Engineer (Web3/DeFi) at Balancer
Bankless DAO
Growth Marketer at Bankless
Media Operations at Bankless
Social Lord at Bankless
Blockchain Engineer at BitDAO
Growth Lead at BitDAO
Name your job at BitDAO
Product Copywriter at BitDAO
Research Engineer at BitDAO
Researcher - DAO Management at BitDAO
Senior Marketing Specialist at BitDAO
Strategy Lead at BitDAO
Technical Writer at BitDAO
UX/UI Designer at BitDAO
Head of Engineering at ClubRare
Head of Product at ClubRare
Senior Backend Developer, Node.js - Express at ClubRare
Head of Marketing at ClubRare
Web3/Crypto Business Development Manager at ClubRare
Company Assistant at Compound
Engineer at Compound
Engineering Manager at Compound
Product Manager at Compound
Senior Engineer at Compound
Senior Frontend Engineer at Compound
CoW Protocol DAO
Senior Backend Engineer at CoW Protocol
Backend/Research Engineer at CoW Protocol
Data Engineering Team Lead at CoW Protocol
Senior Visual Designer at CoW Protocol
Team Assistant at CoW Protocol
Community Manager at CreatorDAO
Product Designer at CreatorDAO
Software Engineer at CreatorDAO
Business Development Guild at DIA DAO
Copywriting at DIA DAO
Design at DIA DAO
Engineering at DIA DAO
Growth & Promo at DIA DAO
Operations at DIA DAO
Senior Brand Designer at DIA DAO
Asia-Focused Marketing Guru
DAO Counsel at DXdao
QA Engineer at DXdao
Senior Solidity Engineer at DXdao
Senior Web 3 Front-End at DXdao
UX Wizard
Content Writer at Fei
Lead Product Designer
Protocol Engineer at Fei DAO
Smart Contract Engineer at Fei DAO
DAO Community Manager at FTW.DAO
Founding CTO at FTW.DAO
Marketing Lead (core team) at FTW.DAO
FWB (Friends with Benefits)
Backend Developer at FWB
Brand Designer at FWB
Front-end / Creative Developer at FWB
Full Stack Developer at FWB
Product Design at FWB
Chief of Staff to the Executive Director at Gitcoin
Fraud Detection Data Analyst at Gitcoin
Business and Ecosystem Development
Community Manager at Gnosis
Developer Relations Engineer
Digital Marketing at Gnosis
Ecosystem Project Success Director at Gnosis
Ecosystem User Success Director at Gnosis
Editor/Content Producer at Gnosis
Head of Bridges at Gnosis
Influencer Marketing Specialist at Gnosis
Marketing Director at Gnosis
Solidity Developer at Gnosis
Technical Writer at Gnosis
Validators Relations at Gnosis
Gro Protocol
Backend - Engineering at Gro
Product Designer - Protocol at Gro
Social Media Marketing Manager at Gro

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