Gnosis is hiring for the following open positions:

Digital Marketing at Gnosis
Editor/Content Producer at Gnosis
Solidity Developer at Gnosis
Head of Bridges at Gnosis
Validators Relations at Gnosis
Community Manager at Gnosis
Ecosystem Project Success Director at Gnosis
OperationsProject Management
Ecosystem User Success Director at Gnosis
OperationsCustomer Support
Influencer Marketing Specialist at Gnosis
Marketing Director at Gnosis
Technical Writer at Gnosis
Developer Relations Engineer
Business and Ecosystem Development

About Gnosis

GnosisDAO builds decentralized infrastructure for the Ethereum ecosystem. Gnosis developed a wide range of products including Gnosis Safe (multisig and programmable account), Gnosis Protocol (CowSwap), Conditional Tokens (prediction markets), Gnosis Auction, and Zodiac (standard and tooling for composable DAOs). With the Gnosis Safe and Gnosis Protocol spinning out, Gnosis is determined to address the most pressing problem on Ethereum: The ever-rising cost of transactions, pricing out all but the highest-value transactions.

Gnosis Chain is the product of the merger of Gnosis and xDai. As one of Ethereum’s earliest sidechains, Gnosis Chain has quiet but significant real world usage and will embark on an aggressive technical roadmap with the objective of accelerating Ethereum. Gnosis Chain is also where Ethereum’s colorful and quirky spirit lives on, as the original home that incubated many defining projects like POAP, Burner Wallet, Dark Forest, and Perpetual Protocol.

Working at Gnosis

We’ve been members of the wider blockchain ecosystem since the beginning, and we’re here to stay. Gnosis was founded in 2015 as part of ConsenSys, a globally leading blockchain production studio. Gnosis spun out to become an independent company in 2017 and today counts more than 60 employees.

While decentralization is one of our core values, we believe first and foremost in keeping community at the center. Gnosis runs Full Node, a co-working space for decentralized technology initiatives, and we host DappCon, a nonprofit conference for the Ethereum ecosystem.

As they say, teamwork makes the most of any common goal. To bring our global team together, we support company and team retreats, career development planning, and individual education budgets to expand your view.

Our hierarchy is flat, so there is no chance to get lost in vertical looking organizational structure;

Benefits & Perks

🌐  Work how and where you want - we offer flexible hours, extra vacation days, and working remotely to support your style.

📚  Educational Budget - We give every colleague an annual education budget to use as they would like to foster learning, skill up, and in-depth engagement.

✈️  Team Retreats - Think about the future, learn from the past, and just have fun together. Each year, you will have the opportunity to travel with your team for a retreat.

🖥  Get Equipped - We equip you with the devices and tools you need to fit your working style.

💰  Token Plan - We believe its important for all colleagues to have a stake in our mission, which is why every employee has a bonus token plan.

🛂  Visa Support - We will assist you along the way with all you need to get a visa and jobs in one of our offices

📅  Ecosystem Friday - We invite you to spend Friday afternoons learning more about the the blockchain ecosystem and trying out the latest industry products.

Closed positions at Gnosis

Content Producer at Gnosis
Content Producer at Gnosis
Communications Manager at Gnosis
Digital Marketing Manager at Gnosis
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Finance Assistant
Gnosis Guild Operations Lead
Visual and Web Designer
Senior Backend Engineer - Rust or Python
Product Manager
Talent Acquisition Manager
Social Media Manager
Web3 Event Manager
Visual Content Creator
DAO Coordination Lead
GovernenceCommunityProject Management